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Bartonville Town Update – March 2015

bartonville_jaclyn carringtonWell, we finally did it!! Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) executed the $75,000 grant to have the underground storage tanks (UST) removed from the old Bartonville store.  Former councilmember, Gary Marco, suggested the town apply for a grant to remove the tanks and the town administration was able to make it happen. Unfortunately, there were not enough funds to remove the contaminated soil. The town is currently faced with paying about $40,000-$50,000 to remove and replace the remaining contaminated soil.

Options for removal include: 1) a referendum on the November ballot to approve/disapprove the spending of Economic Development (4B) sales tax dollars to remove the contaminated soil.  Unfortunately, we are unable to place the referendum on the May ballot because we will not have the official regulatory decision from TCEQ before February 27th (the statutory last day to call a special election for May); 2) Apply for another grant with TCEQ.  This process could take another 12-15 months and is conditional upon receipt of another grant; or 3) Use General Funds. While this can be approved by the council and is the fastest way to get the remediation done, it takes funds away from other town priorities, e.g. roads.

The new Police Chief, Corry Blount, is settling into his new job.  He has been out meeting residents and introducing himself.  Chief Blount feels public perception of the police department is important and wants his officers to be friendly and helpful, while keeping the community safe.  Please take a few minutes to stop by town hall and meet Chief Blount.

The town council had a work session in January with the Town Engineer to discuss road improvements and to review the 5-year plan/budget for improving roads.  We currently allocate about $200,000 a year for road maintenance and we will be exploring other options to increase our road funds. The town currently strives to maintain the roads without a bond or tax increase.  Bartonville looks forward to additional funds, received from future sales tax, which are dedicated to street maintenance.

You may have noticed the new red and white “Zoning Change Request” signs posted. By ordinance, these signs have to be posted before the 10th day prior to the first public hearing.  The town posts these signs thirty (30) days prior to the public hearing to give residents additional notification.  As always, please call the town if you would like more information when you see a zoning sign posted within the town.

Land use planning is a recommendation established by cities/counties for the development of property. Land use is the long-range plan for development of the area through defining the relationships of general land uses such as residential, commercial, industrial, etc.  Establishing the land use pattern for a town will set expectations for future development and thus influence the future infrastructure necessary to support the development.  Bartonville’s plan is documented in our Comprehensive Land Use Plan which is available at Town Hall and on our website.  Zoning consists of the immediate restrictions placed upon property at the time of the development such as RE-2 (2-acre minimum) or RE-5(5-acre minimum) or rural business.  Land use planning dictates future zoning requirements for properties and for our future.

A summary of the February 17th town council meeting:  1) approved a resolution adopting a communication/media policy; 2) approved a Master Sewer Plan which provides sewage to Bartonville Town Center Phases 1 and 2; 3) Staff was directed to move forward with Denton County for the road improvements to West Jeter; and 4) council requested the timeline for the Rural Business hearing be moved to March 17, with both public hearings(P & Z and council) to be held jointly on that date.

Bartonville will have their annual Spring Clean-Up Day on Saturday, April 18th, from 8 a.m. until Noon. Please call town hall at 817-693-5280 to make an appointment for Hazardous Waste Collection.

May 9, 2015, General and Special Elections:

A general election will be held for the purpose of electing three Councilmember’s for Places 1, 3, and 5.  Candidate filings can be viewed on the Town’s website.

Councilmember’s are elected “at-large”, each representing the entire town and serving two-year terms.

A special election will be held to vote “FOR” or “AGAINST” a proposition for the continuation of the Bartonville Crime Control and Prevention District and the Crime Control Prevention Sales Tax for 20 years.

The Bartonville Crime Control and Prevention District (BCCPD) is a special purpose district that was created (by voter approval) in May 2010 to provide the opportunity to initiate a one-quarter percent sales and use tax to finance the district.  The purpose of the District is to enhance the capability of law enforcement and to further crime prevention programs through the acquisition of personnel, new equipment and technology for the police department.  In accordance with State Law, the district is dissolved after the 5th anniversary unless a continuation referendum is approved by the voters.

The BCCPD is governed by a Board that is selected by the Bartonville Town Council.  The Board is responsible for monitoring the fiscal accountability as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of the BCCPD plan and budget.

The projected amount of annual sales tax revenue is $25,000 – $30,000.  Funds collected have allowed for the purchase of a police vehicle, uniforms and equipment for officers,  defibrillators, computer software programs, testing, training, assessments and the National Night Out event.

Please visit our website www.townofbartonville.com for further updates and to add yourself to our email distribution list.

Jaclyn Carrington is the Place 2 Bartonville Town councilmember.

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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