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Foodie Friday: It’s Almost Pi Day! Let’s Eat Some Pie

3-13 foodie friday-enzosDid you guys know that tomorrow is Pi Day? Get it? 3.14… Anyway, we thought we’d help all of you in your celebration planning by re-capping some of our favorite pizza “pie” places for you to choose from this weekend! So, check out some of our favorite local pie shops below.

Enzo’s Pizzeria
900 Parker Square #990, Flower Mound 75028

If you’re into New York style pizza, Enzo’s NY Pizzeria in Parker Square is the place for you! It’s truly like a little piece of New York right here in Flower Mound. And you know it MUST be good because it’s a local hot-spot for our Flower Mound Police Department. There’s lots of great Italian dishes to choose from, but their pizzas are truly delicious. You can choose from one of their specials like the “New Yorker” or you can create your own. And each pizza has that perfect New-York style crust – doughy with just a little bit of crisp on the edges. (Side Note: In addition to ordering a pie, you should also be sure to order their Fried Ravioli… you won’t regret it!)

Owners Enzo and Dino are always walking around the restaurant greeting people so be sure to wish them a Happy Pi Day when you see them!

Don Vito’s
1121 Flower Mound Rd #570, Flower Mound 75028

You know their motto: “If you leave Don’t Vito’s hungry, it’s your own fault.” This is a great place to celebrate Pi Day if you’re looking for a place to meet up with friends, grab some drinks and watch a game at the bar while enjoying some pizza. In addition to some fabulous pizza options like their Del Formaggio Pizza (loaded up with fresh mozzarella, provolone, ricotta and romano), Don Vito’s also serves up some great appetizers perfect for snacking on at the bar. We’ve tried their Da’Stix cheese bread and their Wiseguy Jalapenos stuffed with homemade sausage, cheese and spices.

Located in the Pines of Flower Mound (corner of FM 3040 and Gerault Rd), this Italian safe house is a great place to come enjoy Pi Day with friends and family this weekend!

3472 Long Prairie Rd, Flower Mound 75022

Or maybe you want to head to a truly local institution this weekend and head to Bari’s off of FM 2499 in Flower Mound for some truly authentic Italian dishes. Owner Sebian Bardhi and her family opened this restaurant to share their family recipes with the local community and have been offering delicious and authentic Italian home cooking in Flower Mound for the last (almost) 30 years.

Our personal favorite? The Margherita Pizza – an old Bardhi family recipe using olive oil, basil, garlic, fresh sliced tomato and ricotta cheese. Kari even likes it so much her (now) husband had it for her when he proposed last year! So, celebrate Pi Day with some native Italians and chow down on some authentic Italian pizzas.

Peter’s Pizzeria
2250 Justin Road, Highland Village 75077

Also serving authentic Italian family recipes is Peter’s Pizzeria in Highland Village. Owners Pete and Liz have established a truly loyal local following over the years and we have become some of their biggest fans since visiting them last year! Each of their pies come out steaming hot (gooey cheese and all) and are perfectly customizable to your taste preferences. And if you love a significant crust on your pizza, you’ll love these. It has a great doughy quality to it and is nice and fluffy at the same time. And all of the ingredients they use from the vegetables to the meat are extremely fresh and add to the homemade quality of their dough and sauce (which – insider tip – includes Parmesan cheese).

You can order your pizza by the pie or slice – so no matter how hungry you are, Peter’s Pizzeria is the perfect place for you to grab some food this weekend!

Chef Tony’s
2911 Cross Timbers Rd #103, Flower Mound 75028

Almost from the moment they opened, Chef Tony’s Wood Fired Gourmet Pizza near Kroger on the corner of FM 2499 and 1171 has been receiving rave reviews from local residents. Chef Tony has opened a deliciously unique pizza place right here in Flower Mound where he combines his exquisite culinary training with his passion for using the freshest of ingredients to bring truly delightful pies to local residents. Each dish Chef Tony serves looks as great as it tastes and they offer a wealth of artisan pizzas to choose from including the Wicked Chicken with roasted garlic, chicken breast, apple wood smoked bacon, red onions, mozzarella, provolone and basil. One of the best pizzas I’ve ever tasted and it’s in large part due to Chef Tony’s rotating wood fire stove which is the ONLY one in DFW. This ensures that each pizza is cooked to perfection – so combine that with the fresh ingredients and his homemade dough… you can’t beat that combination!

Also, on the weekends he supposedly serves a Lobster Mac ‘n Cheese we haven’t gotten to try yet, so if you go this weekend, try it for us and let us know how it is!

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