Thursday, August 18, 2022

A Foodie Friday Favorite: Z Grill & Tap

As an early Christmas treat to ourselves and to you, we found our way back to one of our all-time favorite Foodie Friday spots this week: Z Grill & Tap in Flower Mound.

Sometimes I get a craving for that Crab Stuffed Chilean Sea Bass and I just have to satisfy it. So, our whole team went out for lunch and enjoyed a couple of our all-time favorite dishes.

I (obviously) ordered the love of my life – the Sea Bass – which is one of Z Grill’s signature dishes. It features horseradish-crusted sea bass seared and topped with a grape relish, served with a Chardonnay citrus sauce on a ginger-chive risotto. I made everyone at the table sample a bite and I think we were all better people after having eaten some of it.

Kari and Traci each ordered one of their popular sandwiches – the Turkey Melt and the Prime Rib Dip. On a dreary, rainy day, there’s nothing better than chowing down on one of these warm and comforting sandwiches. The Turkey Melt is roasted turkey with avocado, tomato, grilled onions and cheese and almost melts in your mouth it’s so delicious. And the Prime Rib Dip is a tender prime rib sandwich served with au jous for dipping and is the perfect winter sandwich staple.

And we all know our meal wouldn’t have been complete without a slice of that INCREDIBLE Chocolate Ganache Cake. I cannot even explain to you how incredible this cake is. It’s like wrapping yourself with a warm blanket made of chocolate that makes all of your problems go away. You just have to go and order this cake for yourself. The only thing you’ll regret is how much of it you’ll want to eat.

Every time I eat at Z Grill, I’m reminded of how great the service owner, Al Abbood, and his staff provide and how incredible Chef Benny Benigno’s food is. I said it the last time we wrote about this place, but if you think Z Grill is just a sports bar, you are missing out! They serve incredible American cuisine and are constantly reinventing and creating to bring even better and more delicious dishes to customers. Which is exactly why I keep going back.

Z Grill also knows how to throw a great party! Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday there are bands playing on the Z Grill stage entertaining both the restaurant and bar patrons.

They’re also throwing a great party this New Year’s Eve, offering live music from the band Immersion from 8:30pm-1:00am as well as appetizers and your choice of steak, seafood or one of the Chef Selection entrees. I’m positive reservations for this party are going to fill up quick, so be sure to claim your spot at this party soon!

We’ll be featuring what other Foodie Friday restaurants are doing for New Year’s Eve next week, so be sure to check back next Friday to see what your favorite place is doing!

We’re grateful this year that we’ve gotten to meet such wonderful local business owners like Al and look forward to another year full of great food!

We want to wish all of of you a very Merry Christmas and we hope you eat VERY well this holiday, Foodies!

Jay Marks writes the Foodie Friday each week. You can read his blog at

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