Thursday, August 18, 2022

School an enriching experience

Molly Livingston believes her time at Argyle High School has enriched her life in many ways.

The AHS senior is the Choir Club President and heavily involved in the school’s theater program and likes to be involved in school activities because it is in her nature, she said.

“I’m one of those people that does not benefit from sitting still,” Livingston said. “It’s second nature for me to be doing a hundred things at one time.”

Livingston, 17, headed up the school’s one act play last year and is also a member of the school’s National Honor Society.

The Argyle teen is also a member of a very special group called the Challenge Day Club.

“It’s an organization that stresses positivity and acceptance of students around the school,” Livingston said. “We meet each week and discuss things that we have seen around the school, with people who are behaving in a really great way and try to raise them up. It’s a really great organization.”

Livingston said she employs a couple of strategies to stay on top of things.

“I use a whole lot of apps on my phone,” Livingston said. “My calendar — I can’t live without it and another thing is that I just make lists non-stop. That’s something I picked up from my dad.”

Livingston said her favorite thing about attending Argyle High School has been the people she has met.

“I think that the thing I have enjoyed the most is that it is a community of excellence,” Livingston said. “Theater is an amazing thing at Argyle and so is the choir. But I have so many friends in band and athletics that are these really big, state championship level organizations. They’ve really supported us and encouraged me in everything that I have done.”

Livingston hopes to attend either Carnegie Mellon or the University of Michigan where she plans to study musical theater.

The Argyle senior has a 104 grade point average and her class rank is 13 out of 178 students.

Livingston’s Favorites
Favorite Subject: Music Theory
Person who most inspires me: Mother
Favorite Food: Coconut Curry
Favorite Movie: The Original Sweeney Todd
Favorite TV Show: A to Z
Last Book Read: The Complete Singer-Actor


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