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Meet the candidates for Bartonville Town Council, Place 3

Three candidates are vying for the Place 3 seat on the Bartonville Town Council. The race will be on the Nov. 4 election ballot. Candidates for the race include Bill Reaves, Clay Sims and Isaac Shepherd. Early voting starts Monday.

The nearest early voting sites include Double Oak Town Hall at 320 Waketon and Argyle Town Hall at 308 Denton St.

Early votes can be cast at any of the locations around Denton County. For a complete list of early voting sites, check here.

To learn a little bit about each of the candidates and their views on town issues, here are their answers to a few questions:

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Candidates are listed alphabetically by last name.)

Bill Reaves 

Age: 50

Current Occupation: Sales and Marketing:  Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits

Education: BA in Marketing/Advertising from Oklahoma State University-1987

To what civic organizations do you belong?:
-Argyle United Methodist Church
-Assistant Coach with Argyle Girls Basketball Recreational League

Why should you be elected?: I have significant town government experience with a proven track record which includes:
-6 years of previous experience on town council.
-Along with other council members, I assisted in restructuring and paying off more than 1.5 million dollars of debt to make Bartonville debt free.
-4 years of experience on the Bartonville Economic & Development Committee
-6 years of experience on the Bartonville Crime Control and Prevention Committee
-Helped start the Bartonville Police Department in 2007; was on the Police Chief Search Committee.

What are the main challenges facing your town and how would you resolve them?:
-Growth is the primary challenge. With the economy on the mend, construction has ramped up and Bartonville is in the path of that growth and development. Listening to ALL our citizens and understanding what they want for this town is paramount to a healthy and happy town.
–Based on the size of our town, I believe we should focus on three things (in no particular order):
Safety: Our neighbors (Lantana, Argyle, Copper Canyon) are developing faster than anyone could possibly have imagined. With development all around us, unfortunately, crime typically follows. I believe we have the responsibility to provide quality police protection. I also believe we should expand the police department as our budget permits to offer the best service and protection to our citizens.
Maintaining our roads: Our streets are the town’s biggest asset. As growth continues, more traffic means more wear and tear. I would help explore all avenues that helps preserve our
roads at the best possible cost.
Customer Service: Ensure our staff and administration offers the best and friendliest assistance to all our citizens.

Address of your candidate website and/or Facebook page: I have no political websites for this election, but I offer my e-mail address as well as my phone number should anyone wish to discuss any topic with me: [email protected] or 214-450-7345.

Clay Sams

Age: 67

Current Occupation: Southwest Regional Operations Manager, Mohawk Industries.  Retired 2005

Education: Troy High, U.S institute of Technology/Material Facilities Specialist

To what civic organizations do you belong?: Attend Lamb of God, Lewisville, Texas

Why should you be elected?: As a 30-year resident of Bartonville, I want to give back a small portion of that which the community has given me and my family.  As Bartonville faces future commercial development, I want to insure that a smart, intelligent, logical and common sense- approach is applied when addressing and managing all future development, and that all enacted ordinances are enforced.  As you travel the roads of Bartonville, you should be mindful that there is no other place near here like Bartonville.  It is country – and I want to keep it so for those that follow.

What are the main challenges facing your town and how would you resolve them?: One of the major challenges that faces our community is trying to change the divisiveness that currently exists.  There should never be a North/South Bartonville.  We must only be Bartonville!  It will be no small task, but we must find common ground to start the communication process.  Since any commercial development along FM407 would directly impact those residences along that north corridor, perhaps it could be the catalyst to begin a dialog to address that which will definitely affect the entire community of Bartonville.

The challenges facing our police department will continue to be an evolving process, and must be addressed as the community grows and the Kroger Center is fully developed.  No one can foresee what the future needs will be, but should be addressed on an as-needed basis.  Our City Council has resolved the uncertainty that existed with our police department, except for the process now of selecting a new police chief.

We continue to face challenges to maintain and repair our roads.  We must budget our funds wisely, and accomplish this without raising taxes.  The council has a fiduciary responsibility to create and adhere to the annual budget without adding debt to the town.

Isaac Shepherd 

Age: 23

Current Occupation: Office Manager, Shepherd Healthcare

Education: Completing college education, Business Studies

To what civic organizations do you belong?: None.

Why should you be elected?: I should be elected because I will bring a new perspective to the Town Council on the different issues that will be decided in the interest of the citizens of Bartonville. Specifically, I will bring a younger viewpoint to the Council. According to 2010 census data, approximately 1/3 of all citizens of Bartonville are 0-24 years of age, and as a 23 year-old male I believe that I would contribute a unique perspective to the discussions and decisions made by the Council. I have experience in leadership, and I would make every effort to fulfill the responsibilities of this office.

What are the main challenges facing your town and how would you resolve them?: The Bartonville and Lantana area is continuing to grow rapidly, and it is necessary to address the needs of this rapid growth. As a Town Council member, I will help to make decisions regarding important issues such as the money allocated to law enforcement. With a growing population and soon-to-be-opened shopping center, there must be new strategies to manage the law enforcement responsibilities that will arise from this. I will also ensure that the budget is properly allocated among the various administrative offices of Bartonville, and will help make the best determination regarding the ad valorem tax or straight taxation. I would also encourage new service projects among the community and seek to create new partnerships of mutual benefit. I have lived in Bartonville practically my entire life, and I wish to see this town continue to prosper and its citizens deserve the absolute best we can offer in leadership.

Address of your candidate website and/or Facebook page:

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