Letter: Crownover committed to conservative values

The cornerstone of Representative Myra Crownover’s conservative values is her integrity and servant’s perspective. Her servant leadership qualities resonate as she gives a clear concise vision of those values and has shown the resolve to remain committed to them.

On the bedrock issue of sanctity of life she has been endorsed by the Texas Alliance for Life and Life PAC. Representative Crownover sponsored legislation in the 2013 Session ensuring that all Texas newborns are screened for genetic disorders at birth including screening for Critical Congenital Heart Defects. While Wendy Davis’ pink running shoes typified the classic example of symbolism over substance during her 11 hour filibuster supporting abortion, our Representative Myra Crownover stood  firmly for the sanctity of life until 4:00AM in the same venue. 

Her 100% voting record on Second Amendment Rights has earned her an ‘A’ rating and endorsements from the National Rifle Association and the Texas Rifle Association. Representative Crownover’s appointments  for Appropriations and The Calendar Committee are vital to our economy and freedoms.  Her leadership on the Calendar Committee insures that Second Amendment Rights issues such as preventing encroachment by the federal government, and clarifications of concealed carry issues, are given their due process and voted on.

The humility she displays amidst her successes reminds me of the wisdom our Junior College baseball coach shared when he said, “It’s nice to be important but it is more important to be nice.”   Myra Crownover is both.

Bill Lawson
Denton, TX

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