Argyle Police Blotter

The following is a summary of incident reports recently made to the Argyle Police Department as compiled by the staff of The Cross Timbers Gazette:

A resident on Old Justin Road had his gate vandalized and reported that five trash cans were missing from his property.

Police took a theft report concerning a stolen handgun from a resident on FM 407. 

An officer patrolling Country Lakes discovered nine vehicles that had been shot with a paintball gun. The officer contacted the vehicles owners to see if they wished to file police reports. 

Police received a call from a motorist who said that he saw a strobe light go off when he drove through the intersection of Hwy 377 and Frenchtown Road. He wanted to know if there were cameras at the intersection and if he was going to receive a traffic citation in the mail. The motorist was advised by police that there were no cameras at the intersection.

A woman living near Liberty Christian School called police one Saturday at 10 a.m. to complain that loud music coming from the football field awoke her children. An officer went to the stadium to listen for the noise and noted that it did not sound too loud.

Police visited a residence in the 500 block of Charyl Lynn Drive several times to quell a dispute between neighbors over a right-of-way issue.

An officer patrolling FM 407 after dark noted a suspicious male standing on the side of the road. Upon investigation he learned that the man had been left stranded by his girlfriend and was waiting for someone to pick him up.

A resident on Stonecrest Road called police to report that their neighbor behind them has a deceased horse on their property and wanted to know if there was any ordinance addressing bad odors. The caller requested that an officer come to his house and smell it for himself. The animal control officer was contacted to remove the horse.

An employee of a business on FM 407 asked police to closely patrol her building after a Hispanic male was seen hanging around the business for four hours before someone came to pick him up.

Police assisted the Double Oak Police Department after two men got into an argument and one man hit the other one with a vase.

An officer investigated a suspicious vehicle report on Frenchtown Road at Hwy 377 described as a blue Ford van parked on the side of the road with an unkempt looking male occupant. A citizen who called police was concerned that the man was watching the high school girls cross country team run in the area. An officer responded and the motorist explained that he ran out of gas and was waiting for his wife to arrive with a gas can.

Police took a call from a concerned motorist about a reckless school bus driver who pulled out in front of his vehicle and ran him off the road. An officer spoke with the school district and they agreed to investigate the incident.

A woman called police from Paradise Foods who reported a semi-truck driver beating his dog. She said she witnessed the driver punch the dog after he followed him into the cab of his truck. The woman was told to call police when the suspect came back to retrieve his trailer.

Argyle Police and Denton County Deputies were dispatched to Old Alton and Hilltop Road for a dispute between two motorists. A man stated he was pulling out of his driveway when another man began tailgating him, threatening him and making obscene gestures. The caller said that he pulled over to discuss the situation with the other motorist and told him that if he had a gun this would be a perfect time to use it. The man told police that he did not have a weapon and was advised to stay in his vehicle and wait for police to show up.

A man said that someone called him and tried to get him to send $1900 to the Mexican Consulate to get his grandson out of jail. He did not fall for the scam but wanted to report it to the police.

Police were called to the Argyle Church of Christ about two longhorns that were roaming the parking lot. They left before an officer arrived but police were called back to the area several times after more longhorn sightings were reported. An officer checked the fence and found a hole where the cows were escaping. The longhorns’ owner said he believed the best thing to do was send them to “the sale” due to the ongoing problems he was having with them.

A resident on Old Justin Road reported that her driveway lights were shot out sometime during the night. 

Police responded to a rehabilitation center after an employee said an intoxicated patient was acting in a threatening manner and it appeared that he was about to hit another patient and a staff member. 

A motorist on I-35W reported that someone dropped an unknown object from an overpass near FM 407, causing minor damage to both sides of his truck. Police were unable to locate the culprit.

Someone stole solar lights from a flower bed in front a residence on Old Justin Road.

A Country Lakes man reported that someone fraudulently charged over $5,500 on his credit card at a home improvement store in Oklahoma City.

Police investigated an illegal dumping report on John’s Well Court after a resident complained about debris on the side of the road. An officer investigating the report noticed that someone had dragged container carts into the woods at that location. 

A concerned motorist reported seeing four black males dressed in black carrying buckets and soliciting donations for an unspecified charity at the intersection of Hwy 377 and FM 407. An officer arrived and advised them of the town’s soliciting laws. The men left the area.

An officer investigating a noise complaint on Redbud Street discovered that a washing machine had fallen through the floor of a residence and a family friend was at the home helping to repair it. 

Police responded to a security alarm at a model home in Country Lakes where a witness reported seeing juveniles running from the home and said that the kids had flipped over a Porta-Potty.

An Argyle High School official reported that someone kicked in the door of the concession stand but nothing was taken. This was the second time the incident had occurred in the past couple of months.

A resident on East Hickory Ridge Circle reported fraudulent charges on her Fry’s Electronics account after someone hacked into her account and made two unauthorized purchases.

A resident on Sunset Court complained about skateboarders congregating on the street in front of his house and said two of them “mouthed off” to him. 

Someone flattened all four tires on a vehicle and removed a tire’s valve stem core on another vehicle parked at a residence on West Front Street. The day before someone had put a nail into a pickup truck tire at the same residence. The victim told police that she believed her son was the culprit because he was angry after a family argument that resulted in his father being arrested for assault.

Police responded to a disturbance on Redbud Street after a man suspected his aunt was in possession of a stolen cell phone and debit card, but said that she was being uncooperative and locked herself into a bedroom.

A woman stopped by the police station to file a fraud report and stated that her bank debit card was used at a Walmart in Spring, TX on five separate occasions for a total of $963 in fraudulent charges. 

Police took a call from a man on I-35W who was concerned about the mental state of a female hitchhiker he had picked up. He stated that the woman began referring to herself by different names and asked to be let out on the highway so the man complied. An officer located the woman walking along I-35W and she asked him how to get to Dallas. The officer noted that she did not make any odd statements or show any signs of mental illness.


A solici
tor selling books would not take no for an answer, visiting a Knob Hill Court home twice in one day after being told no the first time. The second visit after dark prompted a call to police by the homeowner.

Missing checks expected in the mail made a woman suspect her new mail carrier may be at fault. She told police that she contacted the post office, but the mail carrier was not responding to their inquiry. She was given the contact information for the Postal Inspector.

A resident in the 300 block of Crawford Road reported hearing three gunshots. An officer responded and spoke with neighbors who said that their children were riding four wheelers that were backfiring.

An officer on patrol in Country Lakes observed a roofing crew working after permitted hours. The crew leader told the officer they had to finish the job because they were afraid the shingles would be stolen. After further conversation they agreed to stop for the evening.

Police responded to a report to a couple arguing in a drainage ditch on Chisholm Trail.  An officer responded to the scene and determined that no assault had occurred.

A woman called police to report unauthorized charges on her business credit card to an online clothing store totaling over $4,000. The items were shipped to an address in California.

An officer spotted a man on FM 407 selling ribeye steaks without a solicitors permit and advised him of the town’s regulations.

Police took a report from a caller who said that five juveniles in an SUV left the high school parking lot at a high rate of speed and crashed into a ditch on Harpole Road. The responding officer found the vehicle abandoned in the ditch and issued a citation.

A restaurant employee on Hwy 377 called police for help with an intoxicated customer who refused to leave. The man, in his mid-20’s and an ex-employee of the establishment, became irate after the bartender refused to serve him.

A homeowner in the 1400 block of Rolling Acres reported seeing a suspicious vehicle back out of her driveway as she was looking out the window. She was concerned because her husband was out of town and she was not expecting visitors. She later discovered it was a friend who stopped by and didn’t ring the doorbell. 

Police took a call from a man who claimed he saw a mountain lion casually walking around near the intersection of Hwy 377 and FM 407 and it looked like it was about ready to attack somebody. An officer responded and could not locate the animal.

A Country Lakes homeowner saw smoke coming from his attic shortly after turning his furnace on. The fire department responded and authorities determined the smoke was actually steam rising from a vent stack as a result of the unit being turned on for the first time this season.

The principal of an elementary school called police to report one of her teachers had received a handwritten letter at the school berating her and the principal herself had received a typed letter concerning the teacher. 

A Subway employee became concerned about an African-American man in his sixties acting erratic in the parking lot. He was described as getting in and out of his car over and over again and had left his windshield wipers on.

Police assisted Flower Mound Police with apprehending an auto theft suspect. The suspect was described as bipolar with a history of making threats to police officers and setting a mattress on fire while his mother was lying on it. A female passenger in the stolen vehicle had warrants out for her arrest from four different police departments. The pair was arrested in the Paradise Liquors parking lot.

A woman in the 900 block of East FM 407 called for help after her 51-year-old ex-boyfriend refused to leave her house. She said he stated that he will not leave until he receives a letter that is supposed to be mailed there and will sleep in his car if he needs to. An officer responded and the man agreed to leave the residence.

Originally published in the December 2013, January 2014 and February 2014 issues of The Cross Timbers Gazette.

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