Flower Mound grandmother gets fit

Marge Casey knew it was time to make a change in her life. As her 60th birthday approached, Marge found herself tipping the scales at 195 pounds.  The Flower Mound mother of two, and grandmother of seven, works as a project manager at a plastics distribution company, which keeps her mostly sedentary throughout the workday.  She knew she had to get active or she was at high risk of becoming diabetic.

The question was how.

“I’ve always been leery of going to the big box gyms where everyone wears Spandex and doesn’t look like they need to be there,” recalls Marge.  “But then I saw one of Strada’s ads, and it looked like the place for me.”

Marge first started going to Strada Fitness & Wellness Center in Flower Mound in April 2012 but, by her own admission, didn’t take it as seriously as she should.  She was traveling frequently at the time and often missed her scheduled workouts.

That changed last December when Marge’s doctor informed her that her sugar levels were very high and she either needed to lose weight or begin taking diabetes medication.

“That’s when I started getting serious about my health and paying attention to what I was eating,” said Marge.

She began working with Jake Camp, a certified personal trainer at Strada, initially going in twice per week for 30-minute sessions.  Once she started making progress, Jake recommended that she increase to three times per week.  He also provided nutritional counseling and tips on healthier eating, which is a signature aspect of Strada’s emphasis on “whole-life fitness.” 

In a matter of months, Marge shed 35 pounds while simultaneously building up her healthy muscle mass.  Though still roughly 10 pounds above her target weight, she is noticeably fitter, healthier and happier.

“My sugars are down, my doctor has reduced my cholesterol medication and I feel better than I’ve felt since I was 35,” Marge said.  “It’s also a whole lot easier to chase around my seven grandkids!  I’m living proof that it’s never too late to get in shape.”

Currently, Marge is working with Jake twice a week for an hour each, followed by 30 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical machine.  She also walks for an hour every Saturday and Sunday.

“I can’t say enough about how friendly and encouraging the people are at Strada,” she says.  “And not just the trainers, but the other clients, too.  It’s big enough where they have all the best equipment, but small enough that you get to know the people you’re exercising with.  The personal attention keeps you coming back, and I keep telling my doctor to refer her other patients to Strada as well.  I just love it!”

The admiration goes both ways.

“Once she decided to take her health seriously, Marge became a new woman,” said Jake, who specializes in the development of young athletes in addition to working with seniors and individuals with special needs.  “I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Marge and helping her develop a more active lifestyle.  I have no doubt she’s added years to her life while also making those years more energetic and enjoyable.” 

For more information about Strada Fitness & Wellness Center, including a free session with one of the studio’s certified personal trainers, call 972.330.4300, or visit www.StradaFitness.com.

Owned by local residents Luke and Chani Overstreet, Strada’s state-of-the-art studio introduced “lifestyle coaching” – and its emphasis on whole-life fitness – to Flower Mound in 2011.  Strada’s personal and group training sessions are designed for soccer moms and dads, teenagers and other “regular” people who want to feel good about themselves and the way they look.  Strada clients train to get physically fit – both inside and out.  In addition to the most advanced exercise machines, cardio and strength conditioning, clients learn how, when and what to eat, which products to use and avoid, and how to get the body they’ve always wanted.  For more information, call 972.330.4300, or visit www.StradaFitness.com.


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