Argyle Police Blotter

The following is a summary of incident reports recently made to the Argyle Police Department as compiled by the staff of The Cross Timbers Gazette:

A resident reported that people he knew were driving by his house and yelling at him. He told police that this was an ongoing issue.

A caller stated her friend had used her debit card without permission and bought two tickets to a concert which totaled $91. She said she had already reported it to her bank but her parents told her to call the police because she really needed the money. She stated that her friend had spent the night with her and that’s how she was able to access the debit card.

The concession stand at Argyle High School’s football field was burglarized and its door was damaged. Police later recovered some of the items taken in the burglary.

A resident on Redbud Street was awakened by a car peeling out in front of his house at 3 a.m. He told police that he believed the culprit was his neighbor’s brother.

Police arrested a Stonecrest Road man after responding to a domestic disturbance where the man threatened to shoot his daughter’s fiancé.

A motorist reported that a reddish brown cow was standing in someone’s driveway on FM 407. Police responded but were unable to locate the bovine. Thirty minutes later a resident on FM 407 called to report that the cow was now in his front yard.

Police took a criminal mischief report from a homeowner on Frenchtown Road after someone attempted to remove the battery from an electric gate by cutting the padlock on the battery box.

A woman said she received a spam email demanding she send $25,000 or “Mustafa” would come and kill her. She did not wire the money and was advised to delete the email and notify police if she receives any more emails that specifically identify her.

Police responded to a mobile home on East Hickory Hill Road after the homeowner found his back door open and a bicycle sitting outside. The homeowner also told police that he thought someone was trying to steal gasoline from lawn equipment parked up the hill from his house. The Denton County Sheriff’s Department conducted an investigation.

A motorist reported a possible assault after witnessing a passenger in a truck driving in front of her throw a can out the window and hit a pedestrian walking along the roadway.

Police took a runaway 17-year old teenager from Grand Prairie into custody after he stole his grandmother’s vehicle and wrecked it on Hwy 377 in Argyle. He took off on foot after the accident but didn’t get very far because he had left his shoes in the vehicle.

A woman reported that her Rottweiler attacked her, leaving a superficial bite, and she wanted the dog put down. An animal control officer arrived and impounded the dog per the owner’s request.

Police responded to a domestic disturbance on Redbud Street after a woman called about her grandson who was being belligerent. She said that the boy insisted on loading furniture from the house on a flatbed trailer without lights on it and driving it to Denton after dark. She was mad that the boy came over when he was told not to and told police that he is “out of whack.”  Police determined no criminal offense had occurred.

A Krum resident said that he let someone from Argyle borrow his truck and the person refused to return it. He asked if an officer would accompany him when he tries to retrieve it. After talking with the victim, the officer believed the truck was actually located in Bartonville.

An officer stopped to check on a man walking along Hwy 377 early in the morning. He said that he was looking for his wife’s missing jewelry that she had lost while jogging.

Police took a theft report from a woman who said she believes her elderly father’s new caregiver had taken four wallets that contained $2,200 as well as his driver’s license.

A business owner called police to report that he had just fired an employee over the phone and said his now-former employee, who is an ex-Marine, was threatening to come to the business and kill him. The owner told police that his ex-employee does not have a vehicle and was getting rides to work from people. He also said that he was armed and prepared to defend himself if needed.

A motorist reported witnessing an accident on I-35W after seeing an elderly woman drive off the road into a ditch. Upon arrival, an officer learned that the woman had pulled over to look for fossils beside the interstate. The officer noted in his report that the woman appeared to be lucid.

Originally published in the November 2013 issues of The Cross Timbers Gazette.


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