Candidates file for county offices

The following candidates have filed or are planning to run for office in the Denton County Republican Primary, which takes place on March 4, 2014. The filing period started Nov. 9 and the deadline to file is Dec. 9.

District Attorney
Karen Alexander
Paul Johnson (I)
Hank Paine

County Chair
Dianne Edmondson (I)

County Judge
Mary Horn (I)

Commissioner Precinct 2
Ron Marchant (I)

Commissioner Precinct 4
Andy Eads (I)

Constable Precinct 1
*Jesse Flores (I)
Johnny Hammons

Justice Of The Peace Precinct 1
Joe Holland

Justice Of The Peace Precinct 2
*James Depiazza (I)

Justice Of The Peace Precinct 3
Becky Kerbow (I)

Justice Of The Peace Precinct  4
Al Filidoro
JW Hand (I)
Harris Hughey
*Scott Smith

Justice Of The Peace Precinct 5
Mike Brucia
*Paul Moore
Mike Oglesby
Danny Spindle
Mike Sweet

Justice Of The Peace Precinct 6
*James Beveridge
Gary Blanscet
*Terry Simons
Tom Washington

Judge County Court Of Law #1
*Kimberly McCary (I)

Judge County Court Of Law #2
Robert Ramirez (I)

Judge County Criminal Court #1
Jim Crouch (I)

Judge County Criminal Court #2

Virgil Vahlenkamp (I)

Judge County Criminal Court #3

David Garcia (I)
George Mitcham

Judge County Criminal Court #4
Joe Bridges (I)

Judge County Criminal Court #5
*Victor Rivera
Coby Waddill

Judge Probate Court
Bonnie Robison (I)

District Clerk
Sherri Adelstein (I)

County Clerk
Juli Luke
*Cynthia Mitchell (I)

County Treasurer
Cindy Yeatts Brown (I)

Judge 158th District Court
Steve Burgess (I)

Judge 211th District Court
Brody Shanklin

Judge 367th District Court
Margaret Barnes

State Representative District 64
Myra Crownover
Read King

State Representative District 65
Ron Simmons

State Representative District 106
Pat Fallon

*Candidate has announced intention to run but not yet filed paperwork.


Dec. 9 – Candidate filing deadline

March 4, 2014 – Party Primaries

May 27, 2014 – Runoffs, if needed

Nov. 4, 2014 – General election

Source: Denton County Republican Party


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