Letter: Students like Miller

My name is Zach Short, I am a 20-year old student at Texas A&M University, and was a graduate of Marcus high school class of 2012. I have the rare privilege of saying that I have known Tracy Scott Miller all 20 years of my life as a close family friend and mentor throughout high school.

There is a great pride in knowing that the Lewisville Independent School District has such a high standard and is very passionate about the education of students. With such a responsibility to uphold, it is extremely important to carefully choose board members who will help strengthen the educational environment, which is exactly why I believe Tracy Miller is the perfect choice.

Looking at the election from the outside and then attempting to put myself in the present board members and/or editor’s position when choosing a candidate, there would be a series of characteristics that I personally would look for.

First and foremost I would ask what the character of each candidate is. When it comes to the character of Tracy, I honestly could give very few people any higher appraisal. His integrity and selflessness have truly been an incredible model to look towards in my life. He is a man of compassion, and tremendous action. In other words if he has a goal in is path, it will be done.

Tracy has an unquenchable go-get’em attitude and his extensive resume speaks volumes to this. His many years of experience in the business world added to his years involved in the town council provide him with both corporate and local knowledge of what is going on in the ever-changing world around us. This specific set of experiences has allowed him to engage on a personal level with the individual as well as the whole. He finds the weaknesses and takes the burden onto his own shoulders to see that a solution is made, with no regard to himself, but solely for the good of those around him.

I can assure you wholeheartedly that I would not take the time to write this letter of recommendation if I didn’t believe that Tracy Miller was the man for this job, and there’s a whole lot of Aggies, Marcus graduates and current LISD students, that would agree with me.

Zach Short
College Station, TX

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