Letter: Miller has heart for leadership

I am writing this as a letter of recommendation on behalf of Tracy Scott Miller, a candidate for LISD school board.  I have had the fortune of being led by Tracy in both professional and personal affairs.  I know his heart and the passion he applies to everything he involves himself in.

As a former youth pastor I share Tracy’s heart for the holistic development of today’s student population.  Tracy understands the constant changing and complex environment youth face today and is well equipped to navigate these waters in and out of the classroom. 

Tracy has an impeccable resume of leadership in his community.  He is a natural born thinker, a must when dealing with the enormous task of educational leadership.  His perfect blend of faith and business acumen positions him at the top of the list for the LISD school board. 

As an executive member of a non-profit leading the way in ensuring recent high school graduates have the opportunity to attend college with reduced debt burden, I was excited to hear Tracy is willing to assist in the leadership at the school board level and fully support his candidacy. 

Tim Moore
Cincinnati , OH


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