Sheriff’s department to roll out crossing guard program

The Denton County Sheriff’s Department is working to implement a crossing guard program that will help Lantana kids get to school more safely.

Crossing guards employed by the sheriff’s department will soon man the Lantana Trail/Stacee Lane crosswalk mornings and afternoons on school days for an hour to an hour and a half per shift.

Board members of Lantana’s two fresh water supply districts recently agreed to compensate the sheriff’s department for the service.

During the latter half of this past school year, the districts paid the Denton County Constable’s office to man the intersection during morning rush hour only.

Assistant Chief Deputy Randy Plemons told members of Lantana’s Fresh Water Supply District #6 board in August that the sheriff’s department is still working out the details of the program but will provide a deputy to handle crossing guard services at no cost to Lantana until their new program is approved by the county and in place.

The pay rate for crossing guards will be $10 to $12 per hour, said Kevin Mercer, Lantana General Manager.

“Deputy Plemmons said that he is going to try to find Lantana residents like stay-at-home moms or retired people to fill these positions,” Mercer said.

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