Argyle Police Blotter

The following is a summary of incident reports recently made to the Argyle Police Department as compiled by the staff of The Cross Timbers Gazette:

Police took an auto theft in progress report after a caller stated that his brother took their mom’s BMW without permission and may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Police eventually located the vehicle. The suspect’s mother did not wish to press charges. 

A resident that lives behind a pharmacy on Hwy 377 reported hearing someone making banging noises and yelling. The caller said it may have been someone dumping trash in the dumpster but wanted an officer to check just in case. Police were unable to locate any suspicious activity.

Police were called by a resident regarding the violation of a protective order. The subject was arrested that day and was calling the resident from the Irving jail threatening to kill his wife.

An officer stopped a golf cart driving on the shoulder of Hwy 377. The driver, who stated he was going to see his son that lived nearby, was told he cannot operate his golf cart on the roadway.

A motorist flagged down an officer and said that kids with a BB gun were shooting at his car while he was driving on Crawford Road near Country Lakes. About an hour later, a woman reported that her rear passenger window was shot out while driving in the same area. 

Police were called to investigate a report of a Jeep doing donuts near the Argyle High School tennis courts. The responding officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

A homeowner on Old Justin Road discovered damage to his front door that he believed was a result of someone attempting to break into his house. Nothing was reported missing.

Police investigated a reckless driver report after a caller said that a white van, described as “weird” with its back windows covered, was weaving on Hwy 377. An officer located the vehicle making a delivery at a pharmacy and the driver explained the windows were covered so that no one could see the items inside the van.

A man called police to ask for help after his roommate took off and left him holding the bag for the rent on the house they were sharing. An officer explained that it was a civil matter and no criminal offense had occurred.

Police received a call from a man who wanted an officer to check on his ex-wife after a “disturbing phone conversation.” Police went to the woman’s house but were unable to locate her.

The assistant principal at Argyle High School reported that she had received a Twitter message from a former student who claimed he had keys to the school building. Police followed up on the report but determined that no offence had occurred.

A resident on E. Dallas St. reported a drive by pooping after witnessing a man in a white pickup truck stop in front of her house and let his large dog out to defecate in her front yard. After the dog had finished his business, the man loaded it up and drove off. Police found the evidence but were unable to locate the culprits.

Originally published in the April 2013 issue of The Cross Timbers Gazette.

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