Argyle woman aims to be 'roll model'

Angela Irick of Argyle aims to raise awareness for people with disabilities and advocate for change through developing and sharing a platform at this Saturday’s 2013 Ms. Wheelchair Texas Gala in Houston.

Irick will compete with six other contestants from around the state for the opportunity to become the spokeswoman for disabled Texans to the general public, business community and legislature.

Originally from Humble, TX, Irick discovered a passion for writing and fashion early on. After becoming paralyzed in an auto accident at the age of 14, Irick became frustrated with the lack of fashionable clothing options for disabled women and decided to leave her job as a writer to start her own business – Heels with Wheels.

Heels with Wheels is a women’s fashion line that is dedicated to helping other women who have been through a life changing experience see their ability, not their disability. The clothing line includes pieces that cater to the disabled, for example jeans without back pockets, but also strives to be a line that all woman, disabled or not, would want to wear.

“A lot of women lose their confidence after becoming injured or if they are in a life-changing accident and I wanted to help women see that their life may have changed but they can still live a great life,” Irick said.

For the upcoming gala, Irick’s platform, perception correction, is all about helping non-disabled people understand this same point of view as well as how to better interact with the disabled.

“For some reason when someone hears the word disabled or wheelchair they automatically think we are unable to live a happy, normal life, which is so off-base. I plan on changing people’s perception of people with disabilities so that we will be treated fairly in the community,” Irick said.

Irick is also looking forward to meeting this year’s contestants and hopes to walk away with “friendships, respect, and a crown.”

The Ms. Wheelchair Texas Gala will be Saturday, April 6, in Houston and is open to the public. For more information about the gala, visit the following website:


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