What Really Motivates You?

Need a little motivation? 

When you reach that point – as most of us do at one time or another – when you just don’t want to get up and exercise, take a fresh look at what you’re aiming for.  It could be that your goal is too trivial.  Your lack of motivation just might mean you haven’t found what really matters to you.

For some, a goal of “I need to be healthy for my family” works.  Others of us need more of a kick in the pants.

I challenge you to set a goal that scares you.  I mean, really makes you uncomfortable.

I remember when our kids were little and we’d go to the water park.  I’m terrified of the big slides; but I didn’t want my kids to share my fears.  Long story short, I’d say a quick prayer that I wouldn’t die, closed my eyes and threw myself down that darn thing.  Was it fun?  Um, no.  But for the joy of my kids, and to put them at ease, I made myself go down each of those slides.  I wasn’t going to let them down.

Look at your health goals in the same way. Your goals need to be established in a way where failure is not an option.  Quitting doesn’t happen.  You will seriously let someone down if your goal isn’t met.

We’re talkin’ your personal Super Bowl of Fitness.

Here are some sample goals that could just be what kicks you in the pants.

•    I will run a 10K by May.
•    I will wear a strapless dress to my reunion on July 15th.
•    I will enter a mud race with a friend by September.
•    I will bench press my body weight by October.
•    I will climb the outer loop of Big Bend National Park before the summer heat hits.

Now, tell everyone. Tell your best friend, then post it on Facebook.  Now you’re committed!  Put your goal out there where you can’t run away from it.  Set a timeline, count the days, weeks and months, and create a plan for how you will turn your goal into reality.

Notice that I haven’t said anything about a weight-loss goal.  Too many people believe they just can’t lose weight and keep it off.  They diet, they yo-yo and then quit in frustration. 

Change the game. Don’t make it about weight loss and nutrition.  Just do whatever it takes to achieve your goal.  Make it something to remember – and something you’ll be remembered by. Weight loss is really just a byproduct of using your body the most efficient way possible.  Fuel yourself for success and practice for pride, and your body will do the rest.

As Yoda wisely counseled, “If no mistake you have made, yet losing you are, a different game you should play.”

Chani Overstreet is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer and co-owner of Strada Fitness & Wellness Center with her husband, Luke. Strada is a state-of-the-art fitness studio located at 3041 Churchill Drive, Suite 100, in Flower Mound, across from Lifetime Fitness. Call 972.330.4300 or visit www.StradaFitness.com for more information.


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