The Monarchs are coming!

Monarch butterflies began their journey south this month from Canada and northern Minnesota and will arrive in North Texas within the next few weeks.

The Flower Mound Foundation requests citizen scientists volunteer to report Monarch butterfly sightings during this fall’s migration through our community.

Citizen scientists are everyday people who are interested in observing Monarch butterflies and are willing to take a few minutes each week to record and submit their observations from now to around November 1 or about six weeks.

Interested adults and children may register for the program at Journey North, a global study of wildlife migration and seasonal change, at the link

After registering, report your Monarch sightings and observations on the web site Report at least once a week, as long as Monarchs are present.

Report when you see Adult Monarchs, Monarch Eggs and Larvae, Fall Roosts, Peak Migration Events or Other Monarch Observations

You can track the Monarch butterflies approaching North Texas by logging into the real-time migration maps at

The observations you make right in your own backyard help scientists determine how Monarchs will respond to the drought conditions present in Texas this year.  Each observation is a valuable contribution to building the historical record that will reveal patterns and trends.

Also, do not forget to tell your friends and your neighbors. Journey North is a free citizen science project and all are welcome to participate.

Do you want to learn more about Monarch butterflies?  The Flower Mound Foundation is hosting an educational program to let you know how to Bring Back The Monarchs on Oct. 6 at 2 p.m. in the Flower Mound Public Library.  Admission is free. Call 972-874-6165 to register.

Monarch butterfly populations are in decline in the United States due to loss of habitat. Discover simple backyard landscape things you and your children can do to help bring back the Monarch Butterfly.

The program will include information about the biology of the Monarch, its annual migration as well as the native plants beneficial to the butterfly’s whole life cycle.

Presented by Jenny Singleton, an educator, a Monarch Watch volunteer and seasoned butterfly tag wrangler, this program is designed for children and their parents who want to learn the about the beauty, the mystery and the miracle of the Monarch butterflies flight through North Texas each fall. Join us to understand how your backyard can help the Monarch Butterfly succeed in its journey.

A coalition of local community, resource conservation friendly, non-profit organizations including The Flower Mound Foundation, Keep Flower Mound Beautiful and the Native Plant Society of Texas/Trinity Forks Chapter will host this presentation.  Representatives will be available before and after this event to answer questions, provide information about membership and future activities, and assist attendees learn how we can work together to create a better community.


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