OrthoTexas Outstanding Student: Erika Abernathy

Erika Abernathy has been involved with multiple extracurricular activities since starting high school.

The Argyle senior was a percussionist in the band until this school year, is a member of the UIL academic team, where she competes in Literary Criticism, and is also a member of UNICEF.

“I had been wanting to join UNICEF since my sophomore year,” Abernathy said. “I was friends with an older girl who was in it. That got me interested, so I joined, and I love it now.”

Abernathy, 17, said she has to stay on top of things to keep up with her busy schedule.

“It’s not always easy,” Abernathy said. “I just find ways to get my school work done, usually at school, so that I have time for out of school activities.”

The Argyle senior said she likes many aspects of going to AHS, but said two things appeal to her most.

“I like the size, first and foremost, because we are not huge,” Abernathy said. “I pretty much know everyone in my grade. I also like how easy it is to get involved in things.”

Abernathy is also a member of the National Honor Society and holds down a part time job, and said her goals for this school year are mainly to improve upon what she accomplished as a junior.

“I would love to attain an officer position in UNICEF,” Abernathy said. “Then last year, my team went to regionals in Literary Criticism in UIL, and this year, one of my big goals is to get to state.”

Abernathy said she is debating between the University of Texas and Texas State University at this point, and said when she leaves Argyle High School, she would like to be remembered in a certain way.

“I hope people remember my involvement and ability to juggle things and invest myself in several activities,” Abernathy said. “And not just stay in one thing.”

Abernathy is currently ranked 23rd in her class of 158 students.

Erika’s Favorites:
Favorite Subject: English
Favorite Place to Visit: New Orleans
Favorite Meal: Baked Ziti
Favorite Movie: When Harry Met Sally
Favorite TV Show: How I Met Your Mother
Favorite Musical Group or Performer: The Beatles
Last Book Read: Memoirs of a Geisha


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