Supports Shipman

I am writing you in support of Sherry Shipman for the 16th District Court of Denton County. District court judges hear cases that affect the lives of everyday Texans—whether the matter is a business suit, child custody battle, or capital murder. As a practicing attorney, I am sharply aware of how absolutely crucial it is that the highest trial court positions in the land be filled with competent, hard-working, and even-handed judges. I believe Sherry Shipman has these qualities and would be an asset to our county as District Judge.

Sherry Shipman has demonstrated her commitment to the community through active involvement in the Denton Benefit League. She has demonstrated her business prowess by starting and growing her own law practice. She has demonstrated her commitment to hard work and excellence by being editor of the Law Review at our shared alma mater, Texas Wesleyan. She continues to be an active participant in the legal community through the Denton County Bar Association. And, I have no doubt, that as a life-long resident of Denton County she will continue her participation in community matters well into the future.

Sherry Shipman will be a judge who takes into consideration the intricacies of every case before her; and she will make her decisions on the rule of law—fairly and impartially. Therefore, I am proud to support Sherry Shipman for 16th District Court Judge.

Mike Upshaw
Denton, TX

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