Students zap energy waste

The Argyle High School Student Council’s Energy Conservation Team partnered with CoServ Electric to find innovative ways to save energy in their high school.

The team met with Craig Chambers, CoServ Area Manager, and Stephen Meers, CoServ Energy Management Supervisor with the goal of conserving energy while saving the school money and educating the staff about energy conservation.

CoServ donated six Best Energy Reduction Tools (BERT’s) to the Argyle school district.

The BERT control devices are plugged into an outlet and an appliance, like a vending machine or water fountain, is plugged in to the BERT which monitors and regulates how much energy the machine uses in a day.

Students will analyze the results from the BERT’s to create reports that will show how much energy is being saved through using the devices.

The Energy Conservation Team is made up of Student Council members Catherine Read, Callie Shelton, and Erica Gonzalez along with Student Council advisor, Pamela Arrington. Argyle High School Principal Jeff Butts and Argyle ISD Superintendent Dr. Wright have also played a role in promoting energy conservation.

Pictured above: Stephen Meers & Craig Chambers with CoServ, Catherine Read, Erica Gonzalez, Callie Shelton.

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