FM voting observations

We went to the Flower Mound Library to vote on May 12.  The parking lot was quite full of cars (that’s good—people are there to vote) and also full of people hawking their various candidates or issues. 

We were literally accosted by people trying to give us literature on their candidate/issue, trying to convince us of voting their way, etc.  It seems to me that a more reasonable approach would be to greet people by saying, “Thank you for voting.  Do you have any questions about anything?”  If the answer is No, then reiterate, “Thanks for voting,” and let them go on about their business.  If the answer is Yes, then would be the time to give them literature or explain anything to them, not attack them as they exit their cars and bother them all the way to the library door!

One other observation: Why can’t we consolidate the town voting with the general primary voting which will occur in a couple of weeks?  It seems to me that you might get more people out to vote on local issues.

Yvonne Cottrell
Flower Mound, TX

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