Council members need to drop the drama

It is time to elect three members to our Argyle Town Council.  I know that everyone is busy and most people don’t have time to attend council meetings. I have attended several meetings and some have even recorded them. I urge you to watch at least part of the council meeting videos before making your decision in this election.

The actions of our town council over the last year have been juvenile and unprofessional at times. You will see council members constantly interrupting the Mayor, talking over the Mayor and citizens even after being told several times by the town attorney that the Mayor can open a meeting to public comment, if he so chooses. Council members have also demanded the Mayor to have the Sgt-at-arms forcibly remove citizens for addressing them individually and for cheering or clapping…and that’s just the first 15 minutes of a June 2011 meeting.

Joey Hasty, Jackie Thomas (unelected, appointed, member of the council) and Dona Schroetke are included in the recorded footage as well as three of the challengers:

Larry Simmons running against Joey Hasty for Place 1 expresses his displeasure with the Argyle town council’s actions.
Peggy Krueger running against Dona Schroetke for Place 5 praises the Argyle town council.
Trey Thurston running against Dona Schroetke for Place 5 urges the Argyle town council to work together.

Please, take the time to watch, here is a link:

Please remember to vote Saturday, May 12th at Argyle Town Hall!

SE Sullivan
Argyle, TX

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