Mayor's position is a full-time job

At one time in the history of the City of Highland Village, we had a part time Fire Chief, a part time City Secretary and even an all volunteer Fire Dept. Our City has grown way beyond that now and every job is full time.

To think that the Mayor of a city over 17,500 could be a part time job is unthinkable in view of the responsibilities the job encompasses. There is more to the job than just showing up for regularly scheduled meetings. The Mayor is the leader of the council and as such needs to be present at ALL meetings. 

Pat Davis is a retired man who has committed to being there for ALL the meetings including emergency meetings. He will also be available for other events that call for a representative from our city to be present. The Mayor is an ambassador for us and we need that person to be able to meet with corporate leaders to bring business to our community to help pave the way for increased sales taxes.

Pat Davis was the Senior Director for a Fortune 500 company for 30 years.  That company did $17,000,000,000 (that is billion) in sales each year.  He knows how to negotiate with other entities to accomplish his goals.

The other candidate who is running for mayor has missed 17% of the scheduled meetings for the past two years. That is NOT a good track record for someone who says he wants to hold the position of leader of our city council.  In fact, I can’t think of any company or organization who would keep someone on board that missed a whooping 17% of regularly scheduled meetings!

Pat Davis is by virtue of his attendance record both on the City Council (100%) and on the other boards and committees he was on (100%) the most qualified person to hold this position. Please vote for Pat Davis, Mayor.

Jo Moody
Highland Village, TX

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