The NFL tries to change tune on Lakeside Development

Recently my opponent offered up the observation that the best indicator of future behavior is past behavior.  Strange as it may sound, I agree with that statement.  So let’s apply it to Mr. Filidoro when it comes to the mixed use development proposed for Lakeside DFW.

On Monday (4/23) the Dallas Morning News’ Wendy Hundley published a story recounting a council work session held last week.  The bolded sections are direct quotes from her story.  However, I’ve provided some information that you most likely do not know.

“The council requested regular meetings with the developer (of Lakeside DFW) as the project moves forward.”

•    Al Filidoro and Steve Lyda failed to attend the first meeting with the developer and Mayor Northern left early. This was an Economic Development Team meeting, which provides businesses the opportunity to meet with elected officials and staff to review project plans.

•    The NFL has refused multiple invitations to visit the Lakeside property.  The Stewart Family and Realty Capital (the developer) have extended multiple invitations to all elected officials to visit their property. 

•    The NFL has failed to return phone calls to the developer.  How do you move a project forward if the council majority (NFL) is not willing to have a conversation?

“I’m excited about the potential of this project,” Northern told Myers. “This can be a vibrant shining star for Flower Mound and the whole region.”

•    Filidoro says mixed use is the same as apartments, and we don’t want apartments in FloMo. (It isn’t the same, just ask any real estate professional.)

•    If he is against apartments in Flower Mound, why did he vote for them on Morriss Road?

•    “Excited”, but not enough to stay for the full EDT meeting.     

•    Last month the Town’s economic development office sent an email stating that the town continues to support Campus Commercial zoning (as opposed to mixed use) at Lakeside.  The email went to consultants as part of a proposal request to gain insight into Lakeside.  If the town is telling consultants they favor campus commercial, why is the NFL telling the public something else?

“We have a checkered history with mixed-use developments,” she (Mayor Northern) told Myers. “We just want to make sure we don’t have the same history.”

•    The NFL has attempted on at least three occasions to stop or restrict mixed use development at this location. This is despite other real estate professionals claiming it is an ideal location because of its easy access from major highways, views of the lake, and Flower Mound demographics. The NFL has attempted to block it by:

– Paying $24,500 to a consultant for a report advocating for a different land use in the area. 

– In November 2010, Planning & Zoning (P&Z) approved minor changes to town’s Master Plan.  When the item appeared on the Town Council agenda, language had been added.  Language that had not been the subject of a public hearing by P&Z.  Language that would have removed Lakeside DFW from being eligible for mixed use development. 

– At another P&Z meeting, the Vice Chair violated The Texas Open Meetings Act when he attempted to make a motion restricting the mix of residential development in mixed use projects. This subject was not on the meeting’s agenda and had not been “noticed” as required by law.

– Just a few weeks ago, town staff was seeking yet another consultant that would support the NFL’s out of date view, favoring campus commercial.  A concept no longer viable according to many in the commercial real estate industry.

So the question is, with these multiple attempts to block and restrict development at Lakeside DFW – and the town taking an unprecedented step of posting legal documents on the Town’s website – can we really expect an open, honest, and transparent hearing on this project? The answer is “no” – not with the NFL overseeing the process.  If you want the answer to be “yes” – then it is time to change Flower Mound’s leadership.

I will sit down with all members of council and listen to the project proposal, ask pertinent questions of the developer, and help the community reach a consensus that will move this project forward.  Yet, as Mr.Filidoro says, “the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior,” so I would not expect the same thing from him or the rest of the NFL.

On May 12th, vote for Bryan Webb for Place 2 on Flower Mound’s Town Council.  I will show up for the meetings. I will engage with the community. And I will work with all members of council to move Flower Mound forward.

Bryan Webb
Candidate for Place 2 – Flower Mound Town Council
Flower Mound, TX

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