Communication and Leadership

My opponent, Steve Lyda, freely admits he doesn’t interact and listen, in fact he brags about it.  He doesn’t talk to landowners who would like to develop their property unless they present themselves to him in Council Chambers. Unfortunately, the same goes for the Flower Mound Chamber of Commerce, local business owners and realtors. 

Mr. Lyda does not attend economic development team meetings where council hears about proposed developments and gives early feedback.  During the town council meeting when Kroger requested to spend 14 Million dollars to enhance and upgrade their store on FM 1171, he stated he must listen to and represent the residents he “trusts” and voted NO to Kroger’s request.  It seems that if you’re not on Mr. Lyda’s most trusted list, he does not represent you.  This is a strange approach to governing our Town and very different from my own.  My approach is based on inclusion, listening, and open and honest communication.

Council members must be available to all members of our community.  This includes residents, business owners, land owners and yes, even developers.  A council member represents all residents, whether they voted for you or not.

A council member must listen without prejudice.  A council member may even have to go out and walk a piece of property being considered for development or a creek suffering from erosion.   Council members must seek out the advice of experts both on our Town staff and elsewhere.  This is the only way to understand what residents want and need.  It is the only way to understand the opportunities and challenges that lay in front of Flower Mound.

Communicating openly and honestly with ALL residents is paramount.  Without that, our government does not protect Flower Mound’s residents.  Throughout my service on the Planning and Zoning Commission, Town Council and many other board and committees, I made listening and communication a priority.  When Flower Mound was faced with the uncontrolled expansion of a Natural Gas Centralized Collection Facility, I voted for ordinances that would protect Flower Mound even though they were not politically popular.  My opponent took the politically expedient position and rode it into office, even though he has since voted yes on those same protections and kept them in our ordinances, which he has not fully explained to residents.  His reluctance to interact and listen has further deepened a rift in our community.

Common sense tells me that council members represent everyone.  They listen to all and communicate openly and honestly.  Because I have a proven track record of listening and working well with others, many residents of our community, the Flower Mound Professional Firefighters Association and the Greater Lewisville Association of Realtors (which includes Flower Mound) have endorsed me for Town Council. I ask that you help me return common sense leadership to Flower Mound’s Town Council with a vote for me, Steve Dixon. 

My campaign website is and Early Voting starts Monday, April 30 through May 8h.  Election Day is May 12th.  See you at the polls.

Steve Dixon
Candidate for Flower Mound Town Council, Place 4
Flower Mound, TX

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