OrthoTexas Outstanding Student – Paige Smith

Paige Smith’s passion for gymnastics is surpassed only perhaps by her impressive grades.

A straight-A student at Hilltop Elementary School, the fourth grader has worked hard to become a well-rounded student athlete, and Paige’s mother, Tana, said there is a good reason why.

“Fortunately for us, she is a very good student,” Tana said. “Our policy is that grades come first. She comes home and gets her homework done because homework has to be done before she can go to the gym for her gymnastics.”

Paige practices gymnastics 17 hours a week, and also finished second in the UIL Number Sense competition, helping Hilltop to a second place finish as a school at the academic competition.

Tana said that Paige decides on what activities she is involved in by herself, and said that she is also in the Chess Club at the school.

“She makes her dad and I just thrilled and proud,” Tana said. “We are so excited that she is able to be involved in so many activities and that she is disciplined enough to be able to stay involved and get everything done…because her love is gymnastics is huge. I mean, she loves being in the gym.”

Paige said that she is able to manage everything that she does by remembering that her school work always comes first and said she takes on so many
activities for a couple of reasons.

“I enjoy being involved in sports and with school,” Paige said. “My favorite thing to do in school is math, but outside of school, it is gymnastics. I have been doing gymnastics since I was two. It’s my favorite sport, and I’ve never really done any other sport.”

Paige said she enjoys going to Hilltop, where she is in Mrs. Sanchez’ fourth grade class, and said there is really not anything she does not care for about her school

“I like everything about it,” Paige said. “I like my teachers, and I like my friends and I like being involved in all of my academic stuff.”

Paige said she thinks her academic success can be attributed to a couple of factors.

“I work hard and I study at home and do my school work,” Paige said.

Paige’s Favorites:
Favorite Subject: Math
Favorite Pastime: Gymnastics
Favorite Lunch Meal: Peanut Butter and Jelly
What She Wants to Be: Actress or Teacher

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