Coach Kelli: Flower Mound New Mom loses 32 pounds in 9 Weeks and Earns $500 prize!

Kari Bonner struggled with her weight her whole life.  When she became pregnant, she developed gestational diabetes. Thankfully she delivered a healthy baby boy in June of 2010.  Nursing stimulated Kari’s appetite even more and exercise was not a priority.  A year-long unsuccessful struggle ensued to release not only the prenatal, but the postnatal excess fat.   

In May 2011, she faced the fact that another diet wasn’t going to do it.  She needed a lifestyle change.  Kari and her husband, Aaron, wanted more children soon and didn’t want to face gestational diabetes again.  She also aspired to be able to keep up with her growing little boy. 

In June, she started eating right and working out. By September she had lost 40 pounds, but wanted more.  She desired someone to push her like the Biggest Loser trainers on TV.  She needed coaching to establish a healthy plan.

She did some research and found Kelli Calabrese, from Argyle Boot Camp.  Kelli had been interviewed to be a trainer on the Biggest Loser show, so she felt like God was blessing her with an answer to her prayers.  Kari spoke with Kelli and knew she would help guide her to quickly reach her goals. 

Kari says, “I remember Kelli told me camp was in progress but I could start in the morning.  It was week 3 of a 4 week camp.  I also started Kelli’s 30-Day Detox Meal Plan right away and kept food logs.  Each week, Kelli would weigh me in and give me feedback.  It helped me be accountable and make the best choices.

“When Kelli did my fitness assessment on my first morning, she encouraged me to join the Fall Slim Down Contest. It had been going on for 3 weeks, but I had my eyes set on the end goal. Starting a few weeks late was not going to stop me.  I started attending Argyle Boot Camp five days a week and with Kelli’s meal plan and guidance, I was finally seeing big results.  I was dropping weight, and also seeing inches disappear as my body fat percentage dropped significantly.

“Kelli encouraged us to try the Isagenix 9 day deep cleansing and fat burning system to detox our bodies before Thanksgiving and shed more weight.  I was eager to follow the plan and ultimately, it was worth it for the results.  I lost 8 pounds in the 9 days of the cleanse program which helped my Slim Down contest results.  In 9 weeks, I lost 32 pounds, 17 inches, and 14% body fat.  I won the Slim Down contest which paid out $500!” 

Coach Kelli comments, “Kari has been a pleasure to work with.  There have been many challenges for her including keeping up with a one year old, many sleepless nights, sickness, her husband’s business trips, and a vacation. Kari was determined not to let anything stand in her way and never made excuses or complained.  Her determination paid off”. 

Kari incorporated body, mind and spirit into her lifestyle plan.  “When I felt discouraged, I would recall one of my favorite Bible verses.  Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  These words are so powerful to me because at times I wanted to sleep in or eat something unhealthy.  I didn’t give in to those temptations because I knew it would only set me back.  Also, I wanted to rewire my brain away from relying on food to feel good”.

Kari confesses, “I am not finished with my journey, as I still have weight to lose and a lifestyle to maintain.  I finally have a different outlook on weight and body image and desire my family to be active and fit.  I love the way I feel and the confidence I finally have in myself and my appearance.  I have so much more energy for my spirited little boy and I am now ready to have a healthy pregnancy in the future.  I want to thank my family for being so supportive, all the other boot campers who are a great source of encouragement, and a special thanks to Kelli for her guidance and pushing me to reach this milestone in my life!” 

Kari invites you to join her at for fast and lasting results and a fun way to get fit with expert coaching.  Coach Kelli is available to get on the phone with you now to help you have the success story you desire. Call her today at 817-490-1296.  Or you can register online.  Everyone deserves to be healthy and fit!

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