Town reports fluid spill at drilling site

Cleanup is underway at the scene of a production fluid spill that occurred Thursday morning at the Cummings C gas well pad site in west Flower Mound.

Approximately 450 barrels were spilled and 371 barrels were recovered immediately after the spill, which occurred due to a failed weld in a line transporting fluids, according to town officials.

The well site is located east of Red Rock, south of Hawk, and north of FM 1171.

Williams Production, the operator of the site, reported the spill to the Town of Flower Mound and the Texas Railroad Commission (TRCC), and immediately began cleanup activities. The Town and the TRCC responded to the site and the required TRCC forms are in the process of being submitted, officials said.

“We notified regulators, recovered in excess of 80 percent of the water, limited the incident to private property and, per protocol, are preparing a detailed report,” said Williams spokesperson Deborah Hempel-Medina.

Impacted soils are required to be removed from the area. There was no surface water impacted from the spill, officials said.

Cleanup at the site is being monitored, and a complete incident report is required to be submitted to the town within 30 days. 

Meanwhile, town officials have recently received complaints from residents about odors and air quality concerns in the general vicinity of Scenic Drive and FM 1171 where a gas well and compressor site are located.

Town officials said that possible sources such as gas well production operations are currently being investigated by the town and have also been reported to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the agency responsible for responding to emission and odor issues.

The recent changes in weather conditions and subsequent wind direction are being evaluated as contributing factors.

Concerns and questions may be directed to the Town’s Environmental Services Division at 972.874.6346. The TCEQ office can be contacted during and /or after business hours at 1-888-777-3186.


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