Local author pens positive message

Bob McPherrin’s journey to writing The Mysterious Tale of Culpepper Mansion is almost as interesting and adventurous as the book itself.

The Flower Mound hotel executive and recently published Children’s book author wrote three chapters, set it aside for a decade, temporarily lost the manuscript, re-discovered it on an old floppy disk while rummaging through his attic one day, and eventually submitted it to more than 100 publishing houses before it was finally accepted.

Perseverance paid off for the Chicago native, who is now authoring a multi-book series that McPherrin hopes will provide a positive message in the lives of young people.

“There has been a steady erosion of values and standards in kid’s entertainment,” McPherrin said.

“Now I’m not here to be preachy or to foist my values on others, but I thought maybe I could make a difference by creating something that kids found entertaining, but also played a positive role in their development.”

McPherrin has already penned Murder at the Applegate Hotel and Mystery at Devil’s Point, books two and three of the Stingray Cole & the Elm Street Daredevils series, and said he found early inspiration from another popular Children’s series.

“I loved to read as a kid, and especially loved The Hardy Boys series,” McPherrin said. “My parents used to get us all the books in the series and my brothers and I read them avidly. And although I had always been a strong creative writer in school, I never had any real interest in writing a book. 

“However, as I got older, I became more interested in trying my hand at it.  I found I had a desire to find a creative outlet.  I believe that everyone has some kind of artistic spark in them and longs to find it and cultivate it.”

McPherrin, the fourth of six boys, grew up in suburban Chicago and worked his way up from the bottom of the hotel management ladder to Director of Sales & Marketing for the Hilton Anatole in Dallas.

McPherrin said he was overjoyed when he learned that his book was being published, and said he would like for young readers and parents alike to understand a few things about his series.

“Reading this series is a lot of fun,” McPherrin said. “They are scary, funny, exciting, and a blast to read!  And for parents, Stingray Cole & the Elm Street Daredevils is a series you’ll be happy for your children to read, because it subtly reinforces many of the life lessons you strive to teach your kids everyday. 

“The group is a very diverse group of seventh-graders and their friends (boys, girls, different ages, religions, ethnic backgrounds, even his 75-year old grandfather) who find themselves embroiled in various mysteries, and who solve them with a combination of ingenuity, teamwork, and lots of good humor.”

Stingray Cole & the Elm Street Daredevils has a Facebook page, as well as its own separate website, at www.stingraycole.com.

Most of the marketing for the series will be done through the medium of social media, and mainly by way of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. McPherrin will also be appearing at various book signings in the area, and will be speaking to a number of civic groups as well.

The Mysterious Tale of Culpepper Mansion is available for purchase at http://www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore/book.php?w=9781613465097 until the official launch date of Nov. 8, when it goes on sale at all major bookstores.

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