Teaching the power of clean

Adrienne Freas has decided to put her business skills and expertise to a good cause.

A former business owner and creator of Ready, Set, Clean!, an instructional DVD kit that allows parents to teach their children how to properly clean house, the Highland Village mom is hosting a blog giveaway for some very deserving people.

“I decided that I would like to reach out and help families who have a person who is ill,” Freas said.

“Whether it be a child or a parent, when illness strikes it is very difficult to keep up with the daily chores. The dishes and laundry begin to become unmovable mountains. These families would be so blessed to have a team of people who can do some basic cleaning, even if that team is their own children.”

That is where the giveaway comes in.

“Most of these families do not know where to begin or how to teach their kids to clean,” Freas said. “So, I decided to give away Kids Cleaning Kits to help these families move those mountains!”

Freas is partnering with Flower Mound resident Debbie Sardone, the owner of The Clean Team, to give her DVD, child aprons and speed cleaning tools to three families in need, or to families who will take the new information from her DVD and their new tools and clean for a few hours in the home of a family who needs the assistance.

Freas said she decided to host the giveaway for a couple of reasons.

“I recently met a lady who shared how hard it was to keep up with her house chores because of her MS,” Freas said. “She was grieved, and talked about how she finally realized that she just needed to ask her friends and family to help her.

“I have also been touched personally, because I grew up in a home that was strewn apart due to my mom being very ill with Fibromyalgia for 15 years. The burden fell upon me, and I had to manage most of the housework when I was a teenager and even after I moved out and was married.”

Freas said she started Ready, Set, Clean! because of a need she saw among a lot of her cleaning business customers.

“I used to own a cleaning business and my kids helped me with the business,” Freas said. “Because of cleaning for people, I realized a need for parents to teach their kids how to clean. My kids know how to clean their own bathrooms and do chores around the house. Many mom’s I cleaned for were frustrated that their kids did not know the basic skills of how to clean their own bedrooms!”

Freas began to offer in-home workshops and hold speaking engagements, and that was what spawned the idea for her DVD.

With the DVD, Freas said customers learn to clean green, teach kids to clean, speed clean, work as a team, develop effective chores and find kid friendly tools and speed cleaning supplies.

“My DVD is designed with a user friendly format,” Freas said. “There are two sections; one is ‘Cleaning Concepts’ designed to educate people on how to read labels and purchase truly green cleaners, how to establish chores in the home and lots of other useful information about speed cleaning and where to get kid friendly tools to help clean efficiently.

“The other half of the DVD is called ‘Cleaning Demonstrations,’ with short 1-2 minute segments on how to clean very specific areas of the home. This makes it easy for parents to effectively train their kids how to clean.”

Visit www.CleaningWithKids.com for more information on the company and blog giveaway, and contact Freas at [email protected] with any questions.

Entries must be submitted before midnight on Oct. 19.


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