We must never forget

Our country was deeply wounded ten years ago. For many that wound has not fully healed, and for some it never will.

We must never forget, though, the way Americans came together in the days and weeks following the attacks, and presented a united front against evil and hate.

September 11th showed some of the very worst in human nature, but because of the actions of the firefighters, first responders, and people who just wanted to help, it also showed some of the greatest displays of courage, valor, and self sacrifice. The images from that day will stay with us forever.

Some may feel sadness, others anger, but as we reflect on the anniversary of September 11th, we should all feel pride for our country’s efforts since that day, which have paved the way across the globe for democracy and freedom for those who otherwise would have never known the blessings of liberty. We honor and remember the thousands of lives that were lost, and we will never forget September 11th.

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