Orthopedic surgeons converge under one roof

With a team of experienced specialists at their disposal, the doctors at OrthoTexas are committed to one major objective — providing the people of Flower Mound and surrounding areas the best possible Orthopedic care.

Dr. Craig Goodhart recently took the time to answer some questions about their new facility that opened on FM 2499 this past spring.

Please tell me a little bit about OrthoTexas and how it was started.

Four large and long established Orthopedic surgery groups in North Dallas, with very similar ideas concerning patient care, education, management and the future of medicine decided nearly two years ago to combine our skill and resources and form a large specialty specific group. 

When did the Flower Mound location open for business? What was appealing about the community?

The Flower Mound office officially opened in May 2011.  Prior to this, we had leased space for a year at two local primary care offices. Having lived in Flower Mound for 17 years, I have seen the town grow and prosper.  My wife and sons are involved in the community and with our desire to expand, a pre-existing reputation and our love for the town, this was a natural spot for growth.

What are some of the more common injuries you see with young athletes these days?

The most common injuries are soft tissue and over use type injuries. This results from the yearlong commitment of many athletes to their sport.  We also see many knee, shoulder and ankle injuries.  The most common shoulder injuries are due to shoulder instability and injury to the shoulder joint.  Knee injuries include meniscal tears and of course the dreaded ACL injury.  Common ankle injuries are simple sprains, which often times are not so simple, and fractures to the surrounding growth areas.

I see that your slogan is Repair. Rebuild. Restore. It seems very fitting, but please explain what it means?

The goal of all Orthopedic surgeons is to repair the injured structure and to rebuild the surrounding injured tissues.  Success in these endeavors allows us to restore the patient back to their pre-injury health.

If there was one bit of advice you could give to a young athlete in this day and age, what would it be?

The best piece of advice I could give is be prepared for your sport.  This means begin training for the rigors of the sport at least 6 weeks prior to the season and maintain basic fitness throughout the season.  This allows conditioning of the muscles and surrounding joints to best prevent injury.  If injury occurs, take some time off or do some cross training and allow yourself to fully recover prior to resuming the sport.

What do you feel it is that sets OrthoTexas apart from other Orthopedic care facilities?

The distinguishing characteristics of our group are our diversity, continuing education and care for our patients.  Unlike many local groups, we have trained throughout the United States at some very prestigious universities and with many prestigious sports programs.  This allows us to bring new ideas constantly to our practice and when difficult cases arise to contact the best in the world for suggestions.  This also allows us to be at the forefront in Orthopedics for new ideas and techniques.  Finally, we are told over and over that we spend more time with our patients and have superb “bed side” manner and surgical care.  We do not delegate the care to another health care provider such as a nurse or Physician’s assistant.  Though they are vital to the care of our patients, we feel that each patient deserves individual care and time with the doctors.

Goodhart, who is the only local Orthopedic Surgeon involved from start to finish in the developing and growth of the hospital, currently serves on the hospital’s medical executive committee.  Goodhart said he and his colleagues are also excited about a new addition to the OrthoTexas family of doctors.

“We have brought a new physician in, Dr. Sang Do Park, who is available full time in this office,” Goodhart said. “He has brought a knowledge and skill in shoulder and elbow care that quite frankly has been limited in this area.  His training at the prestigious Kerlan-Jobe clinic in LA (Home of the Tommy John surgery) will allow us to offer care for the very complicated shoulder and elbow injuries that occur in the young and older athlete.”

OrthoTexas is located at 4951 Long Prairie Rd., Suite 100, Flower Mound, TX 75028. Visit www.orthotexas.com or call 972-899-4679 for more information.

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