Highland Village mom loses 10 pounds, 11% body fat and 20 inches in 27 days!

Cori Bonin was fed up with the nagging 10 pounds she had been carrying around for almost a decade.  As determined as she was to drop the excess weight by setting goals and mustering up the best intentions to “be good” when eating, she always found reasons to sabotage her efforts.  She would head into restaurant thinking about a salad only to order something high in fat, oversized and low in nutrition.  This negative cycle continued day after day leaving Cori feeling lousy.

Hearing about a nutritional cleanse and re-nourish program offered through Argyle Adventure Boot Camp, the southern Denton County woman signed up for the 30-Day Plan. 

Cori e-mailed me and said, “I am not exaggerating when I say I will probably be your biggest challenge.  I am terrible at following through on things I sign up for.  I will absolutely need your coaching to break this vicious cycle and see what I can achieve!”

Cori also enlisted the help of her husband Troy and two children, Bret, 12, and Landry, 7, to hold her accountable.  Next, Cori signed up for boot camp, but before it could begin, she injured her back lifting her dog.  Disappointed, she was still determined to be a success story.

The 30-Day Plan included a morning drink formulated with high anti-oxidants, lean and nourishing protein shakes, eating healthy meals and snacking on things like vegetables, nuts, egg whites, berries and protein wafers.  There is also a natural accelerator and fiber supplement.  One day a week includes a proprietary blend of drinks, healthy snacks and plenty of water for a cleanse day where maximal fat and toxins are released. 

In the first week, Cori lost 4.5 lbs. which made a big difference on her small frame.  She felt good, and for the first time in a long time didn’t feel fat.  She loved not feeling defeated at the end of the day.   

By week 2, Cori was down 6 pounds which was more than she had lost in 6 years.  Surprised she made it two weeks; she commented that she felt like she could stay on Isagenix forever.  She was pleased with her results, especially considering that she was not able to exercise!  Cori had already reached the goal of breaking the cycle of eating out too much and choosing the wrong foods, and her cravings were gone, which was a major accomplishment.   

During the 30 days, Cori had a sore back, caught a cold, went on vacation, endured some dull headaches   (which are normal the first few days depending on how toxic you are) and still wanted to make healthy choices.  Normally, any signs of stress would lead to ice cream and a glass of wine.  She was able to be a normal mom going to the movies and enjoying her full life while making great choices.

One night she went into Chick-fil-A hungry and ordered a side salad and fruit cup.  That was a major accomplishment for her.  Every day she made it without eating junk food, she was happier!  A shift had taken palace.  The program was working to reprogram her mind and body.  Cori finally learned significant and lasting results would come from a detoxification and cleansing program.

11% body fat lost and 20 inches gone, Cori now refers to Isagenix as a miracle.  She says, “I give credit to God because I prayed about this and Isagenix was a Godsend to me.  It was what I needed when I needed it.  Isagenix has released me from the vicious cycle of poor eating habits.  I have no cravings for poor food.  When I am hungry I do not get shaky from low blood sugar.  A piece of fruit or some almonds takes the edge off.  I don’t drive to the nearest fast food place to feel satisfied. Being able to make better choices is physiological and then psychological.  I am amazed to say I am no longer addicted to sugar or have cravings.  The detoxification worked.”

Now that Cori is 10 pounds lighter, she has signed up to run the White Rock half marathon.  She never wants to go back to her old ways of eating junk food and having sweets daily.  Her ultimate goal is eating clean and feeling great!  She has achieved it!

Cori is one of over 450 people who Coach Kelli Calabrese has successfully led through the program.  Purchase the program now to be coached through the 30 days like Cori for free.  For best results, combine the Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse and Re-Nourish program with Argyle Adventure Boot Camp.  Visit www.ArgyleBootCamp.com or call 817-490-1296 or email Kelli @KelliCalabrese.com.


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