Alumnus supports incumbents

I am a charter class graduate of Marcus High School and am also a volunteer team physician at Marcus High School. My children do not play sports so I have no dog in the hunt as far as sporting activities go. I wanted to let those of you in LISD know that some candidates for LISD Board of Trustees feel the new gym and stadium at Marcus were wasteful spending.

As a Marcus Alumni who waited 25 years for these facilities while grand facilities were built for the new high school campuses, this is insulting to me. These projects at Marcus were voter approved, but apparently these candidates feel they know better than the voters. I encourage you and any family you have in LISD to vote AMBER FULTON and CAROL KYER for reelection to LISD Board of Trustees. Carol and Amber do not take the position that these projects were wasteful. Thanks for your time. You can find both Amber and Carol on facebook and they would both be glad to talk to you and answer your questions.

Scott McDearmont
Highland Village, TX

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