Flowback – How the Texas Natural Gas Boom Affects Health and Safety

This week, the Texas Oil and Gas Accountability Project (TX-OGAP) released an  informative new report titled, ‘Flowback – How the Texas Natural Gas Boom Effects Health and Safety’. 

Living here in Flower Mound, we are often inundated with gas drilling articles and reports.  If you are only going to read one in the coming weeks, I encourage you to make this it.  The report and accompanying press release can be found at www.earthworksaction.org.  The report makes clear that this is an ongoing battle; one best fought with an informed citizenry. 

While I wish it were not true, gas drilling remains the single largest issue threatening the quality of life of Flower Mound families.  What is clear to me is that although in the last year under Mayor Northern’s leadership our community has made great strides in protecting our citizens from health, safety and welfare effects of urban gas drilling, there is much left to be done.  Mayor Northern knows this as does Mayor Pro-tem Filidoro, and Councilmembers Hayden and Lyda.  They are all committed to protecting this community without hesitation or equivocation. 

Because I am as committed as they are and have the depth of experience to join them in addressing these and other complex challenges, I have earned each of their endorsements on the Town Council race for Place #1.  I have not and will not accept an endorsement  nor money from pro-drilling special interests, especially those motivated by their own profit, who have brazenly petitioned the state to interfere with our town’s right to regulate gas drilling within the boundaries of our own municipality at the expense of the health and safety of our families. 

I hope you find the report informative and that I can count on your vote in the upcoming municipal election.

Jeff Whittaker
Flower Mound, TX

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