Honor state by doing your best

Being a fifth generation Texan, I want everyone to know that this month is Texas History Month.

Texas defeated Mexico in what is known as the Texas Revolution. I think all Texans should be proud of this important event, and think a little bit more about what has happened in Texas and how it became the amazing state it is today.

Time and time again history tends to repeat itself. No matter how much people think it doesn’t, it actually does. For example, in 1788 the Continental Army defeated the British and the colonies proclaimed themselves an independent country. About 50 years later in 1836, Texas defeated the Mexican army and Texas claimed to be a country of its own. Both of these incidences have happened for the same reason, unfair government and not being allowed to have some basic freedoms.
Some people may argue that they didn’t have ancestors participate in the revolution. However if you live in Texas now, you are a Texan and you make this state what it is. So it’s important that whatever our job is, we do it to the best of our abilities. Help Texas and help create the history that your children’s children might be reading in their textbooks.

Walter Robertson, BSA – Troop 256
Flower Mound, TX

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