McDearmont's Message – April 2011

Another municipal election deadline has passed for the City of Highland Village and once again we will cancel the city’s portion of the May 14th election. There are always discussions and debates as to why this happens, but let me relate to you how I see this.  The three candidates this year in Highland Village all came on council two years ago in a “divided result” for three open seats.  Effective leadership starts with an environment where everyone’s opinion is valued, respected, and considered during the process. In this environment , it is generally easier to reach consensus.

When Charlotte Wilcox, Pat Davis, and Bill Meek came on to council, none of them governed as individuals or for any particular interest group. They all came in and worked together with the entire body of the council.  A great example of this is the recent 6-1 vote to restrict all indoor smoking as a workplace safety issue.  This issue has dogged the city for years and I am confident our citizens and employees will appreciate smoke free workplaces in Highland Village.  A similar “divided result” election occurred when I came on council in 2006. Our current Mayor Pro Tem Louis Robichaux came on council as part of a separate “slate” of candidates than I did.  I am proud to say that not only have we worked together well on issues, but I consider Louis a very important part of the leadership team in Highland Village. 

Our council certainly does not always have unanimity.  As mayor, I do not want and would never seek a council with seven members who all had the same views on all the issues. This is not what our local government system is about.  Some would attribute the cancellation of our election to voter apathy.  I wholeheartedly reject this, as Highland Village voters have never been ones to be apathetic.  They have spoken up and we as elected officials have listened and acted on their concerns. I am confident in the future that as issues arise our citizens will stay engaged. 

On a transportation note, Highland Village Road has reopened from SellmeyerRd. to Lions Club Park North of Wichita Forest.  Thanks to Denton County Trip 2008 Road Bond Program this design/build project has come in ahead of schedule.  Thanks Commissioner Bobbie Mitchell and the Precinct 3 taskforce for keeping this project on budget and ahead of schedule.  This road provides much needed East/West access and our citizens will certainly appreciate having it reopened.

As May 14th approaches, I would like to remind the citizens of Highland Village to stay engaged and learn about the races, issues, and candidates in the LISD Board of Trustees election. Exemplary schools are one of the many selling points for the City of Highland Village.  As your mayor I take the fact that our three council seats will not go for election this year as a positive sign for the council and for the City of Highland Village.  Congratulations to Charlotte Wilcox, Pat Davis, and Bill Meek.  I look forward to continuing to work with you to move the City of Highland Village forward.

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