Town has come a long way under current mayor

I would like to offer another point of view concerning the growth of Copper Canyon government. The current administration has brought a new meaning of the word action to local government. Small towns often lack the knowledge, leadership, and drive to maximize the results available for the dollar. We are fortunate to have someone who possesses all three qualities: Mayor Sue Tejml.

I have been a resident of Copper Canyon for 21 years and am not in favor of big government. Even 20 years ago, the Town Hall agenda item discussions were always about growth and spending, tax or no tax. Back then, water pressure was sometimes iffy and you could see every star at night. Capp’s was the local meat market. The roads have been in bad shape as long as I have lived here. One gentleman, living here longer than I, said “… if we don’t fix the roads maybe everyone will have to drive slower!”

Copper Canyon has one of the lowest “city tax” rates in the area. The accomplishments in terms of road improvements alone is worth accolades, not to mention the sight line improvements around blind curves, and ditch improvements along Chinn Chapel that claimed so many of our children’s cars in the past.

Copper Canyon’s communication and cooperation with other local governments has never been higher. During the 90’s, there used to be an appearance of a secretive, watch-your-back mentality with local government dealings, as this area struggled with growth pressures that included ETJs, utilities, and access. Today, there are strategic planning conferences involving everyone from utilities, fire rescue, TXDOT, local government officials, and often County and State officials to insure as seamless as possible connections, making fire, rescue, and other services capable of assisting each other in emergencies.

We are all going to be impacted by FM 2499 in just the near future and our new roads must take the increased traffic or we will have a real mess on our hands. The improved paved areas should get traffic through Copper Canyon smoothly, while the posted speeds should make most look for another route. Through interfacing with other governments, Copper Canyon has come close to maximizing what public money is available for these improvements. Sometimes you have to spend money to qualify for public money.

The current government has also brought us into the 21st century with State mandated handicap access, a working Town Hall environment, police presence, a Fire Dept. rating that affects every homeowner, and a unprecedented spirit of community. The volunteer base is huge. Everyone counts and everyone makes a difference. I love living in Copper Canyon, and thanks to those in charge, we all can have some of the best amenities of suburban life and the peaceful rural feel we all came here for.

Gary Beavers
Copper Canyon, TX

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