Fee alarms resident

The Town of Flower Mound recently passed a new ordinance which requires that all burglar alarm system owners register their alarm systems with the police department.

I am so fed up with Flower Mound begging for money and nickel and diming for everything. This is totally ridiculous.

If we are to pay this fee then why pay for the instances of false alarms when they occur?  I am sure if every person has to pay this fee, it is certainly enough to cover those false alarms.  Also I find it interesting that alarm fees are being collected by another agency, ATB Services out of Colorado Springs, CO.  This way, the residents will call them instead of the town.

I have never had a false alarm.  I understand the pay scale if a resident uses them, but this is ridiculous.

When I went online to look up the phone number of the town, I was even more upset to see that this wonderful agency they hired sent out invoices with the wrong registration fee amounts…like I was not upset enough with $25, now to find out it is $35.

When I did call the town I was told that this is their way of tracking how many residents have alarms.  To me that is a terrible excuse.  Why do they care?  Does this mean if you do not have one then they will not come to your home if they get an emergency phone call? There are other ways to get this information. I did not mind paying a one time origination fee, but this yearly fee needs to be stopped!

Between this and businesses getting fined for having signs on their buildings….what is next?

Susan Hargenrater
Flower Mound, TX

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