Say No to Garden Ridge Rezoning

I belong to a group of parents from Garden Ridge Elementary who are fighting against the proposed division of this year’s 5th grade class being divided between Shadow Ridge and Forestwood Middle Schools next year.

Garden Ridge has always been a feeder school to Shadow Ridge since it’s opening in 2005.  LISD believes that Shadow Ridge is overcrowded (783 student) and Forestwood is under populated (631 students). 

Meanwhile, McKamy Middle School is bursting at the seams with 1080 students and no plans for remediation.  The parents believe there has been a lack of transparency/information on the part of LISD. 

Under this proposed plan, approx. 30 fifth grade students would go to Shadow Ridge and approx. 60 fifth grade students would go to Forestwood. Are these numbers going to make a difference….really???  Why split our school for the menial numbers?

There is an informational/sound off meeting scheduled for 6:30 PM on Wednesday, Jan. 26th at Forestwood Middle School where the affected families can state their concerns and opinions.  Members of the school board will be there to listen but will not/cannot engage in discussion.  The school board will place their final votes on the proposal on February 14th.

This meeting was conveniently scheduled on the same day that the Garden Ridge 5th graders are at their two day “camp-out”.  Meaning no 5th grade student, and even less parents, are able to attend, myself being one of them.

LISD needs to go back to the drawing board and find a solution that makes a difference where it is needed….the splitting of Garden Ridge is not the answer.

Angela Carignan
Flower Mound, TX

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