Texas economy doesn't add up

I think “good conservative” is becoming synonymous with “bait and switch”, corruption or both. We reelected “Gubernor” Perry because he told us, and we were dumb enough to believe him,  that the Texas economy was the model of business gusto for the rest of the country.  So, where is the proof?


Russell Newman Manufacturing is closing.  Another venerated Denton institution the victim, no doubt, of outsourcing probably to Honduras, Nicaragua or some Central American sweat shop.  Unemployment seems stuck at the same level as the national doldrums.  And, our state has a 31 billion, not 28 billion dollar deficit, as previously reported.

I don’t know about the rest of the filthy rich Republicans, but as a struggling middle class Texan, I am tired of the GOP smoke and mirrors on the economy.  Dolph Briscoe used to say, “It’s like somebody pissin’ on yore boots and telling you its rain’ outside.”  More to the point, I’m tired of the rich being able to underwrite a “subdued” inauguration for Governor “Good Hair” (no favors for that one!) while the GOP super majority wants to balance the budget on the backs of the teachers, children, poor, and elderly of our state and give their rich business henchmen a free ride.

Had enough “conservative” GOP economics and corruption yet?

RoyAnn Cox
Denton, TX

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