Sunday, December 4, 2022

Just say YES to Burgess

Congressman Michael Burgess certainly has earned another term. He said “NO” to the financial bailout that was passed in the waning days of the Bush administration. Since then, he has stood firmly against the huge increases in the size and scope of government proposed by the Obama administration. His opponent criticizes our Congressman’s “NO” votes, so apparently lawyer Neil Durrance would vote “YES” on all the debt-increasing legislation that the Obama administration continues to propose.

Our Congressman actually reads the proposed bills, and votes “YES” to cut the spending spiral, “YES” to reduce rather than increase the national debt, “YES” to continue tax cuts so that the economy can begin to recover and create real jobs in the private sector. 

A member of the House Energy and Commerce committee, he sits on these subcommittees: Health, Energy & Environment, and Oversight & Investigations.

Congressman Burgess has all ready put the office of Health and Human Services Agency  on notice that, after the GOP takes over in November,  they will be tied up for sometime explaining to his Congressional sub-committee exactly how all those tax dollars are being spent. Finally, some financial restraint and true oversight!

But most importantly, his first vote when Congress re-convenes will be “NO” for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker!

Let’s keep the good doctor in the House where he can continue to do what’s best for our country and our district. Please join me in saying “YES” to our caring, conscientious and conservative Congressman: Dr. Michael Burgess.
Dianne Edmondson
Denton County Republican Party Chair

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