Saturday, November 26, 2022

Hempel-Medina Must Go

Local news outlets are reporting that “Spilliams” Mockingbird affiliate is suing the Town of Flower Mound yet again. 

They are, indeed, wonderful neighbors and such a delight to have in our town.  They spill their toxic waste (repeatedly), foul our air, regularly exceed our noise limits, clog up our roads and refuse to deploy real best practices at their facilities, and yet they have the cojones to sue us???  What a joke.
With news of this latest maneuver, I am writing to urge — frankly, demand — the Town Council to remove Ms. Hempel-Medina immediately from the Flower Mound Oil & Gas Advisory Committee. 
Not long ago, the Council removed Jennifer Rogers and Prakash Parameswaran because of their involvement in litigation with the town.  They said then that they didn’t want there to be any hint of a conflict of interest with any of the board’s members during these important deliberations.  I didn’t understand at the time why they were allowing a double standard, since to my knowledge, the Spilliams/Mockingbird lawsuit regarding the right-of-way by the fire station has not yet been dropped or dismissed.  Don’t make the same mistake twice.
By suing our Town yet again, Spilliams has disqualified their representative from participating in the advisory board, plain and simple.  They should be treated no differently — and certainly no better — than real, concerned, ethical Flower Mound citizens.
Spilliams is a disgrace to, and an unwelcome guest in, our town.  We may not be able to kick them out, but we certainly don’t need to invite them to advise us on how to protect ourselves from their continuing degradation of our air, water, land and property values.
At the next meeting, I implore the Council to give Hempel-Medina the boot. 

Ladd Biro
Flower Mound, TX

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