Saturday, November 26, 2022

Representative sees better times ahead

If you could see passion, you’d see heat waves coming off State Representative Tan Parker when he talks about America and what it could be.  His angst transmits like a tightly coiled spring as he dissects what the people of our country want and where he feels that our government is leading us off course, via exit signs that promise quick fix solutions to economic woes, but which will really steer us into swampland.

Parker sees this November’s elections as an opportunity to straighten our path back towards the express lanes and long term success destinations.

Approaching an expected third term representing House District 63, which covers most of Denton County, Parker balances his own political career with running a business back here at home, and family.

Parker is not a sideline talk show host, or critic, who sits back in the comfortable seats and picks apart plays. But is an involved public servant who enjoys a running back’s view of the line of scrimmage.  He sees where the gaps are opening, but thinks President Barack Obama is missing his blocks.

“He’s proved himself to be out of touch with Americans, over and over.  He’s not heard the people’s calls for change on the issues,” Parker fires.

Is it possible that the President Obama just hears those calls differently?

“He’s tone deaf!  The president is operating in a very partisan manner.  He makes no effort to cross the aisle to work with the other side.”

To be bipartisan, here, didn’t former Vice President Dick Cheney recently lament that President George W. Bush had weakened in his second term, somewhat losing the hard line conservative vision, by doing just that, by compromising with the other side of the aisle?

Parker explains, “You have to work with the other side.  You just can’t sacrifice your core values and beliefs.  Never lose sight of your principles.”

How do you assess the value of the Tea Party movement?  Is it a leading edge or a threat to divide and conquer the party’s November outlook?

“The Tea Party movement is one of patriots.  They have a fabulous handle on the fundamentals that created our country.

“The participants understand the importance of states’ rights, whereas the federal government would run roughshod over our self-government.”

How do you see Texas viewed by the rest of America?

“The Texas economic model works.  This is the part of America that has done the best in this economy.”

Parker’s coil begins to spring forward, “The Tea Party leaders and participants believe, as did our forefathers, in limited government.  Get and keep government out of the way!  We’ve got to let the market succeed on its own.  The government has to learn to live within its means the way we all do in our businesses and with our families.

“Americans are sick and tired of seeing the future of our economy misled by the president’s agenda, which is putting a noose around the financial future of our children, our grandchildren, and our grandchildren’s children.  Right now, we’re on a very slippery slope.

“We can just look at the recent financial crisis in Greece.  While things aren’t as bad here, the models and mis-directions of economies aren’t that different!”

So how do you see our recent past affecting the upcoming elections in November?

“People are so tired of the overspending, I’m very optimistic that we can shift some of the balance.  I saw an interesting stat in a recent Gallup Poll that indicated that the GOP has the largest lead in its polling history.  GOPAC ( gave us a 22% lead.” (Note:  GOPAC is a Republican organization, whereas the Gallup Poll is non-partisan).

Is there a danger that too much positive publicity for the Republicans in the upcoming elections can bring about a tortoise and hare scenario, with Republican voters sitting back, being overconfident?

“Absolutely.  I fear that there is the danger of complacency.”

Besides stressing the importance of getting out and voting, what other suggestions would you have for constituents?

“People need to get out, to be vocal, to encourage others – to encourage others to participate.  Get involved in issues.  Exercise your voice!

“The most important thing we need is job creation in Texas, in Denton County.  Real jobs come from the private sector, not from tax-supported, government created jobs that don’t regenerate income back into our economy.”

Parker’s passion keeps uncoiling, “I believe in the greatness of America.  We need a tidal wave of citizens voting.  But then, the Republicans elected have to deliver.  They have to stay true to the conservative agenda.”

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