Saturday, November 26, 2022

Christian Community Action announces vision for growth

Lewisville-based Christian Community Action announced that they are hoping to raise $9 million to relocate their donation center, renovate and add thrift stores and build an adult health center and vocational academy.

Over 100 community leaders attended a ground breaking capital campaign launch for CCA on Sept. 1 at their campus in Old Town Lewisville.

CCA Advisory Board member and State Senator Jane Nelson was the keynote speaker for the event. U.S. Congressman Michael Burgess was also in attendance, along with CCA Advisory Board Member and former Dallas Cowboy, Chad Hennings, and County Commissioner Bobby Mitchell. 

Burgess and Nelson shared personal stories on their own interaction and involvement with CCA, putting faces to the many services CCA has provided over its 38 year history and the critical need it fills in the North Texas area. 

Scott Orr, CCA President, talked about the need for expansion due to the increasing demands to serve more individuals. 
“While crisis situations continue to receive immediate attention, in the past year alone those in need have seen their wait time for admission to the program grow from ten days to three weeks,” said Orr.

“Even more telling, our popular and critical vocational and educational programs are currently forced to shut down completely for three months out of every year to accommodate the space needed for seasonal programs such as the Christmas Toy Store.”

Orr said that CCA has developed a comprehensive long-term plan to unleash the bottleneck that is stifling its ability to further impact those in need.  The “Sharing Independence: A Vision for Growth” capital campaign is seeking gifts and pledges from individuals, families, foundations and corporations.

Funds generated through its reSale thrift stores, have been a key factor in the organization’s ability to grow over the years, according to Orr.  The reSale operation, established 30 years ago, is CCA’s most predictable source of funding. 

However, the current donation facility on Mill Street in Lewisville is operating at capacity, which has put reSale growth on hold.

“The new 50,000 square foot donation and processing center will be in Flower Mound or western Lewisville, closer to the communities that today provide most of the donated goods for reSale,” said Orr.

“This move will not only increase the quality and quantity of goods received, it will also allow CCA to upgrade its operations with systems and technology that will increase efficiency and capacity without increasing operational costs.

“CCA will also enhance its current reSale centers and strategically add stores as opportunities arise and goods are available to sustain the operations.”

Orr added that CCA would only build projects of the capital campaign as the funds are raised, and stated that there will not be any money borrowed to fund the two phases of the campaign.

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