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School district needs to tighten belt

The real information regarding why LISD is projecting a deficit next school year of $22 million is NOT being told.  Dr. Roy did his town meetings in various schools in the spring and his message was basically “Your Schools, Your Child, Your Choice” in regards to raising our property taxes.  Everyone is worried that we will have to cut things out of the budget and therefore our children will suffer.

Well, sometimes, we have to tighten our belts in economic situations.  There are many things that I am aware of that LISD is finally doing to save money but everyone needs to understand what is really going on. 

The REAL TRUTH is this:

·  In the 2007-2008 school year, LISD over projected enrollment by 1,600 children.  LISD had projected a 48,500 student enrollment and actually only had 46,900 students.  Because of the over projections, LISD owes the State of Texas Department of Education $14.3 Million.

·  In the 2008-2009 school year, LISD over projected enrollment by 2,619 children.  LISD had projected a 50,200 student enrollment and actually only had 47,581 students.  Because of the over projections, LISD owes the State of Texas Department of Education $22.6 Million.

·  This all means that for those 2 years combined, LISD owes the State $36.9 Million and they have to pay it back.  What did they do with all the money that they received for the students that we did not have?????  They spent it. 

·  Also, for many years, we have been told that we were a property rich school district and had to pay into the State’s funds for poorer school districts, considered “Robin Hood”.  The truth is that LISD has NEVER had to pay the “Robin Hood” tax.

Other Things to Consider:

·  The upper management is too heavy.  LISD creates new positions and titles to promote within.

·   Why did LISD have to build 2 separate football facilities – Flower Mound H.S. and now Marcus H.S.?  Why couldn’t they have built one really nice one for the 2 high schools to share?  Then maybe taxpayers would not have to pay to play the Lewisville vs Marcus, Marcus vs Flower Mound, Flower Mound vs Lewisville, etc. at the old Cowboy Stadium and now moved to the University of North Texas (UNT) Stadium. 

·   When the new Marcus football stadium was built, LISD had to move and rebuild the baseball field and soccer fields.  Was that free????

·   Why is LISD building a new 9th and 10th grade campus for Lewisville High School and a 9th grade campus for Marcus High and a separate one for Flower Mound High??

·   Instead of building a new basketball gym at Marcus, why didn’t LISD built one really nice arena for both Marcus and Flower Mound.

·   It is all about accountability and no one has asked the Lewisville Board of Regents or Dr. Roy to be accountable.  Someone has to pay – nothing is Free.

If you would like to call the Texas Department of Education to verify this information, please do.  I talked to a gentleman named Leo Lopez and his direct number is (512) 463-9242.  The main number is (512) 463-9734.

Bottom line is we should vote NO on the tax increase. LISD does have a $100 Million dollar slush fund and maybe they can work on ways to better manage our taxpayer’s dollars along with the State of Texas funds that we receive.

The Lewisville Independent School District is holding a Tax Ratification Election on September 14, 2010.  Early voting is underway through September 10 at numerous locations within the District, including the Flower Mound Police and Courts Building, 4150 Kirkpatrick Road. Please visit a complete listing of early voting times, dates, and locations. Additional information regarding the election may be obtained by visiting

Here are the dates, times, and places:

Pam Colli
Flower Mound, TX

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