Sunday, October 2, 2022

District is top heavy

I am a strong supporter of education and thoroughly understand the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow.  A quality education is paramount to the youth of today.   Teachers are the key to a quality education.  It is the teachers that work with the students of LISD and help them achieve all of the accolades the district administration is so prompt to take credit for. 

Yet when the administration was offered the option to exclude central administration from receiving a 1.18% raise (not included in the budget) the administration and several old board members became almost irate that this would even be considered.  This item was tabled until the next board meeting when it was approved by four of the six board members.  I am glad to see that two board members understand the changes that need to be made in this district.

I am encouraging all registered voters, within the LISD boundaries, to send a strong message to the board and administration of this district.  Just as every family has to make adjustments when outgoing funds exceeds incoming funds so must the school district.  This does not mean cutting programs and teachers, it means cutting the top heavy administration needs to be reduced and become more efficient.  We have one of the highest paid Superintendents in the state of Texas but we cannot even come close to saying the same thing about our teachers.

Vote No for the Tax Ratification Election (TRE).

Linda Moody
Lewisville, TX

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