Sunday, September 25, 2022

Bartonville Water Corp proposes new tower

Bartonville Water Supply Corporation recently submitted an application with the Town of Bartonville for a water tower behind the former Stargate Sport Horses facility west of Lantana.

The proposed 155 foot tall water tank will sit on 4.7 acres at the end of I.T. Neely Road and be visible from FM 407, Bartonville Town Center and to residents on the west side of Lantana.

Phase one of the Stargate Water Facilities also includes a water well capable of pumping a million gallons per day and a water treatment building.  Phase two plans call for a ground storage tank, pump station and an electric control building. See the site plans here.

“BWSC actually purchased this property approximately 10 years ago and received a Specific Use Permit from the Town of Bartonville in 2001 to construct a well and ground storage and pump station facility,” said Jim Leggieri, Bartonville Water Corp’s General Manager.

Leggieri said that the property was acquired because of several factors.

“It has an elevation very similar to that of our existing elevated tank located in the Town of Double Oak. Elevation is a very important factor when selecting a location for such a facility. This location will allow our proposed elevated tank and our existing elevated tank to work as one, doubling our storage capacity.”
The additional supply of water from the new well will help limit Bartonville Water Corp’s dependence on surface water from the Upper Trinity Regional Water District, Leggieri said.

“Another reason for purchasing this site was the fact that the Upper Trinity Regional Water District has a large diameter water line that actually crosses this property. This would allow us to have two receiving points for water from the UTRWD if necessary, giving us the option of dividing our take of surface water between our existing Copper Canyon site and the new tower.

“And eventually elevated tanks need certain specific maintenance. Having two tanks will allow one to be taken down for maintenance while operating from the other.”

The addition of the elevated tank would also strengthen Bartonville Water Corp’s emergency assistance coordination with Lantana, according to Leggieri.

“A number of years ago Lantana and BWSC partnered in implementing an emergency interconnect regarding water service. Since Lantana’s elevated tank and our elevated tank both have similar elevations, it is possible for each provider to assist one another in an emergency water outage. This has been used in the past between our neighboring utilities and has worked beautifully.”

The Bartonville Planning and Zoning Commission will conduct a public hearing on the project on Wednesday, September 1, at 7:00 p.m. The Town Council will conduct a second public hearing on Tuesday, September 21, at 7:00 p.m.  Call the town at 817-430-4052 for more information.

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