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Coach Kelli: Tony Lost 45 Pounds and Eliminated Harmful Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Drugs

On his 47th birthday this past fall, Tony White made up his mind that he was really going to do it this time. “It” was getting out of the standard corporate lifestyle of sitting way too many hours, regularly dealing with stress, sleeping too little and overfeeding his body with poor quality foods.  “It” meant reclaiming his energy, getting into a size 32 pants and being able to wrestle with his young boys.  “It” also meant getting off all his prescription medications with all their side effects, improving his physical fitness and enjoying quality, active time again with his wife.

Once Tony made up his mind, he knew that he needed a plan that really worked.  One that was proven, keep him engaged, and was tailored to his current ability level but would be progressive as his fitness improved.  After researching various options and recognizing how unfulfilling past health club memberships had been, he decided to join Argyle Adventure Boot Camp.

Tony says, “I quickly figured out how simple it was. If you show up, and work hard, you lose weight!  And you really do feel great.  I saw immediate results in weight loss and increased energy levels.  After a few initial workout sessions I realized I could accomplish the results I wanted.”   There is an expectation of constant improvement that comes from being in a boot camp environment.  From the vigorous workouts to the daily tips, advice and counsel, it all made for a well-rounded program. The results spoke for themselves.  Tony went from 210 pounds, 21% body fat and a 42.5 inch waist in November to 166 pounds, 11% body fat and a 32 inch waist in June”. 

Tony commented, “When I was consistently seeing the weight falling off it was natural to want to keep up the momentum.  Kelli and Brad provide regular nutrition information and support to the campers.  You can’t help but become re-educated and devoted to healthy eating”. 

Tony also drinks lots of Kangen water to help with weight loss and detoxification.  It also helps to greatly decrease recovery time from intense workouts.  Tony adds, “I used to go to restaurants and end up ordering something fattening, fried or loaded with calories. Now I choose menu items with lower fat and calorie content.  There’s a lot of great tasting food out there that works for you… you just have to know what to look for.” 

Tony admits,”The greatest challenge I had was committing to getting up for a 5:30am start time!  I just made up my mind that getting up early is not an insurmountable obstacle.  It’s definitely something anyone can do.  It’s by far the best way to jump start my day and it obviously beats going for a donut and gourmet coffee as many people opt for.” 

In sharing a few words to anyone who is tired of being sick and tired, Tony advises, “If you truly want a better body and better health, just come out and try the Argyle Adventure Boot Camp.  You’ll be immediately welcomed by the other guys.  After a few days of initial muscle soreness, you’ll get into a routine and enjoy the exercise, the feeling of accomplishment and the new friends”.

Coach Brad Jurica of the men’s camp says of the workouts, “As a high school and college athlete and being a life long participant in a variety of sports, I employ a combination of cardio-intense and strengthening exercises that you may remember from PE as well as current workout techniques used in Cross Fit and P90X type workouts.  From shuttle runs, short sprints, ab exercises, medicine ball throws, jumping rope, tethered runs and martial arts drills, every day is different and you are guaranteed to firm up every muscle in your body. We work on the tough spots for men such as chiseling the chest and of course focus on the envious 8 pack!  I have personally gotten back to my “fighting” weight since leading the camp by dropping over 25 pounds of fat.”

One of the greatest moments for Tony was when he went to the doctor and they told him he no longer needed medication for managing his cholesterol or high blood pressure.  Those two conditions plague a majority of Americans but Tony no longer has to be concerned with their side effects, which would only have increased along with their dosages as he aged.  That is when Tony went from feeling fatigued to good to GREAT!   And, buying a new wardrobe turns out to be a great problem to have.  Tony’s smallest clothes in his closet were now too big.  What a great reason for a complete style update! 

Five months into seeing such great success in reaching his goals, Tony lost his job of 25 years with IBM where we held many positions in sales, marketing and most recently as an international business executive.  He could easily have said, “I am no longer going to wake up for a 5:30am boot camp.”  He could easily let stress lead him back down the path of fast food and sleepless nights.

Tony affirms, “I had a fantastic career with IBM but I’m very optimistic that I will land an even better job than I had before.”  In a recent interview, the interviewer commented about how fit Tony was and how he looked the part of an executive.  He has the energy and attitude to boldly pursue new opportunities.

Tony regularly engages in activities he never considered when he was 45 pounds heavier and living a sedentary lifestyle.  So, now it’s your turn.  There is going to be a weight loss contest beginning soon and you can win cash and prizes for the most dramatic transformation!  You can see all of the details at or call Coach Kelli at 817-490-1296.

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