Sunday, September 25, 2022

Sorta Sad

As I drive to work every morning heading south on Morriss to the Airport, I can’t help but get a little sad when I see them digging up the median on Gerault.

It makes me start to think about last year when we spent endless nights at town hall and walking streets talking to people, standing on corners holding signs and trying to get the word out to everyone who would listen.

I think about if we had only knocked on 30 more doors or sent out 30 more flyer’s or got 30 more hits on the Blog, Steve Lyda would be celebrating a year on council instead of working so hard to get elected.

I think about how when we first met Tom Hayden and he came to one of our meetings to hear what we were talking about and he was convinced we were just trying to get the message out to the town to do the right thing and not the thing that was prescribed in a document from 1978.

If we would have worked harder, last year we wouldn’t have to be working so hard again this year to get the people elected that have the best interests of Flower Mound people like you and me and not faceless developers looking for big pay days.

Six years ago, I lost interest in Flower Mound politics when I heard a woman that had the developers best interests in mind and they ran out of town a hard working Mayor and council that wanted to be smart when they built. Gone was the scrutiny, gone was the humility, gone were the guts to fight for residents. We ushered in the Jody Smith era of this towns dirty little history of slimy politics. Its culminated now with Smith contributing large sums of money to her “running mates” just as she did last year. She has bought loyalty of her council members for paltry sums, but just enough for the Dixon’s and Wallace’s and Tasker’s and Webb’s and Stones and Robinson’s and Levinick’s to cow tow to her mantra and only reinforce her narcissistic neurosis.

One thing I am not sad about, is the fact that she is headed for defeat and she knows it. This town has finally woke up and will no longer bend to her whims and royalty like behaviors. No longer will she hide behind her “good conservative” “good christian” jingoism’s and be revealed as a hypocrite.

If I am wrong and she somehow slithers back into office, I will be more that sorta sad or sorta mad.

I will probably just move.

Keep me as a neighbor, Elect Northern, Filidoro and Lyda.

Kim Berg
Flower Mound, TX

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